considering these CL sofas

celticmoonDecember 21, 2012

Been seeking a couch + loveseat to rework for the future Florida nest. Prefer a single bench cushion and they are VERY hard to find.

This pair came up on CL for $75. I like the simple lines and rolled arms for stretching out. Forget the fabric pattern and fabric feet- my plan calls for slipcovers or reupholstering (I am in my 3rd semester and these are in my skill range). They would end up a pale neutral with fun pillows.

I am very impressed with the fabric pattern match - even the welt is matched! And that makes me think the innerds may be also well done. They seem deep - almost like the back cushions are missing, but I can work with that given a $75 base cost.

I am waiting for measurements and more info on construction.

What do you think?

Tips on what to look for when I view them?

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They remind me of the first sofa I bought. It was a custom order and really well made. Well enough made that I paid to have it recovered twice. I loved that sofa, so I'm probably biased in favor of it, but if it sits comfortably and doesn't have a bad odor to it, I'd go for it. If they are really that deep, pull the pillows and you have an extra bed for the little ones.

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They do look as if they need pillows in the back, so that would be my only hesitation because in my mind that completely negates the look and ease of a single seat cushion. I also prefer a single seat cushion - so comfortable and clean looking. Lots of back pillows gets that fussy thing going. Wonder if there might be other options? At that price, I'd probably grab them and figure out the details later. Your slipcover or reupholstering idea sounds perfect.

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I dont know if this is what kind of info you are looking for, but I sold a couch on cl and a couple came in and tested the frame strength by holding on to the arm rests and lifting and twisting. They were looking for how much wiggle there was, the less the better the frame. Otherwise, looks a bit like the pb Charleston.

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Wow ... Although they appear to be missing cushions in the back, for $75 they are worth it.

If the frame doesn't wobble and the upholstery doesn't stink ... buy it.

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That looks like a great napping couch!

One of my BFF's "sofa-test" is the ease of sitting on the couch and turning sideways and placing her arm along the back in a relaxed conversational pose. That sofa would definitely pass the test!

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dlm, lots of loose back pillows are a worry, as I hate that endless straightening of loose pillows. I could make one or two thick and wide back cushions for each. Maybe velcroed in place, maybe not - definitely removeable for naps. Accent with some fun loose pillows.

Good point though, because I have a couple small rescue dogs that think they are cats and like to stretch across furniture back cushions. They make maddening karate chop dents in any/all loose back cushions. Having tight backs on my current LR sofas has been a relief.

I do see this space as relaxed and casual though, so maybe the pillows being dented or in disarray won't bother me so much. I once had a sofa with five large loose coordinated back cushions that somehow demanded to be 'just so' - about drove me crazy...

Lascatx, glad you like em, and they would make perfect overflow sleeping spots. Changingitup, that pix does capture how I imagine they could end up looking. The scale of the arms seems just right. So may arms are too big, too small, too high, too something... and I do crave replicating the single bench cushions I have in LR now.

OK, so twist and tug on the arms. Got it.

A friend also suggested looking and feeling underneath, maybe with a flashlite to see through the dust cloth piece, hoping for sturdy coil springs.

Maybe unscrew a bun foot hoping to see wood type and finish and whether the corners are blocked, etc.

Other ideas?

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I wouldn't do box cushions on the back. If you had 2 plush knife edge pillows, that would look nice. And, with 2, as opposed to one long back pillow, you can take one and turn it sideways so it's against the arm for putting your feet up with a book - my preferred reading position! Now this is just me, but I's also ditch the box detail on the bottom cushion and make it a center welt - or even weltless as that's my picture for a Florida nest! You've got my wheels turning - hope they are decent quality when you see them. You can tell a lot just by picking up one end and getting a sense of the weight. Check for padding at the corners, fronts of the arms, places you don't normally feel when you're sitting. Cheap furniture will often wrap the fabric right over the frame and it will wear out. If there's a dust cover on the bottom you won't see much but if not, you'll see how it's all put together.

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