Slope the base inside sink cabinet?

andreak100August 13, 2013

The recent post regarding a mat for in the sink in case of leaks made me wonder if anyone has had the sink cabinet floor sloped about 1/4" higher in the back than the front - this would encourage water to come forward rather than pool, potentially seeing a leak sooner. With just a 1/4" slope over 23-ish inches, it doesn't seem like it would be enough to make things uneven, but enough to encourage water to come to the front where you would more easily see it.

Since I haven't heard of it before, maybe there are issues with doing something like that I'm not thinking of.

Right now, I'm leaning toward using a small piece of vinyl flooring to line the bottom - my mom has done this with several of her cabinets have hold "messy" things and it has worked very well for her. I liked the Rev-a-shelf liner idea ( except that it has grooves and I think that unevenness across will be a problem.

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I think a tray and a Lak detector for 10-15 bucks will do the trick. Sloping the cabinet base will likely require more mods than necessary.

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Wondering how many mods would be needed?

When our cabinet maker is building the box for the cabinet and is placing the grooved area on the side walls where the cabinet floor will fit in, that would be done at the there more that needs done than that?

And if that's all that needs to be done, how difficult would that be to do?

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Sophie Wheeler

It's a straw man argument. And sloping the floor would cause more long term problems than prevent. Cabinets need to be plumb and square for a reason. If they aren't, it puts stress on things that shouldn't be stressed.

90% of people never have any issues with moisture damage under theirs sinks if they practice proper preventative maintenance. If you exercise the shut off valves monthly and inspect the lines, and have things hooked up correctly to begin with, that's all it takes. It's usually the 10% that don't do all of that that end up with issues. Put a backup water alarm and a tray if you're really concerned and add checking the battery to that list of monthly tasks, and you've got belt and suspenders both.

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'exercise the shut off valves monthly' ... ?

I like to wait until something happens and then find out they are frozen and won't turn...

Hmmm. I hate exercise but maybe this wouldn't be too hard....

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hmmm..."exercise the shut off valves monthly". Do people really do that??? I'm being serious. I don't know anyone who does. And truth be told, I have a hard enough time exercising ME!

Thinking about this now...the last time that the shut off valves have been "exercised" under our current sink was about 2 1/2 years ago when we put in the GD.

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I'm afraid to exercise mine, what if it just snaps? I think the plumber said something about buying a replacement brass one - something about bearclaw? I would do it (before he comes back) if someone can kindly tell me what to buy.

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