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Jfog18August 11, 2012

My wife and I are looking to remodel our kitchen and are looking to replace all cabinets and countertops. We want to build a peninsula that serves as a eat-in kitchen. We want to not have any cabinets under the red part of our picture for more leg room since this will serve as a 4 person eat-in kitchen. We are not sure exactly how we need to support the granite. I was thinking of supporting the granite with 3/4 inch plywood that is supported by the main wall.I would plan on the plywood being 5 inches inset from the perimeter of the granite on all sides. We would also support the granite by 1 or 2 legs at the overhang into the kitchen.

How many legs would we need to support the over hang? Does this sound like a good plan for supporting the peninsula? Any other suggestions are welcome!! Thank you all for your posts!!

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For large overhangs, the best choice is steel, or to build a "table" with stretcher bars and legs.

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If your overhang is 10 inches or under, you don't need support. But, don't let your kids sit or hang on the edge too much. If you want to keep it clean without knee knockers or poles, try those steel poles/bars that will go across the underneath. I believe that they are sixty a piece. They are attached across the actual cabinet and you won't see the slim piece of metal under your overhang.

It's some sort of metal pole. I can't remember what it's called. I'm sure someone else will chime in. I called lowes and they gave me that price. You can find them online and install yourself too.

Our overhang is 10 inches. We haven't had anything larger ever, so we don't know any better. We put in the same length quartz as our old laminate. I believe that most people have at least 12-15 inch overhang, though. My barstools fit about 3/4 of the way underneath. So, it's fine for us. But, our knees do hit the cabinet if we don't back up enough.

Something to think about. :)
Good luck!

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Alex House

Check out this website which deals with all different types of granite support devices.

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