Price per square foot of Carrara marble

lindsay221August 20, 2012

I just received a quote back from our builder's "preferred" fabricator. Our kitchen has approximately 81 sq. ft. of countertop space. We will have one undermount prep sink and a farmhouse sink. All counters will have an eased edge. DH and I found several gorgeous slabs of already honed Carrara at a local stoneyard, so we will not need the fabricator to hone on site. We were quoted $9239 for our kitchen, which works out to be about $113 per sq. ft. Does this price seem high or pretty accurate. We are located about 25 miles south of Pittsburgh. Thanks for your help!

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Sounds high. Our price for Vermont Imperial Danby marble which is usually substantially higher than Carrara was $126 per sq ft, fabricated.

This was for about 58 sf (don't have it in front of me) which includes two sinks.

Our island will be butcher block so that is separate.

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I'm not sure about the prices in your area, but in my area that price would be insanely high. I can tell you that material costs at a stone yard in central/northern NJ carrara is between 10-20/sf, then tack on fabrication and you should be nowhere near $113.

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I didn't mention I am in NJ as well and Carrara is really cheap here. Like $20/25 before fabrication- could be less but not sure.

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Around here, (central PA) it is a level 1 stone, either 35 or $45/sq ft. I was surprised when I heard that. I did even contact the place they pulled from and was assured that carrera indeed was at the low end.

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In RI, I'm paying about $105 sq ft installed for a premium Carrara with some dark veining- that's honed and sealed with DuPont's bulletproof. Hope that helps. Maybe they aren't factoring in your buider's discount? I know that before our builder pointed us in the right direction, I was being quoted 20-25 a square yard higher.

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Lindsay, I live near you (south of the 'Burgh) and I am getting honed carrara marble, installed, sealed (511 porous plus) for around $70 per sq ft. What fabricator are you working with, and what stone yard? I loved honed danby marble too but the prices were higher than what I felt comfortable with). We have about 67 sq ft and 2 undermount sinks, simple squared edges is what I prefer.

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How thick is your stone? 2cm? 3cm? 4cm?

If it's 2cm, is the edge laminated?

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Like Breezy said thickness would factor in to price...mine will be 3 cm, if that helps.

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Thanks for the responses everyone. I thought the price sounded high as well. The stone is 3cm thick. Our builder said he has worked with a few other fabricators in the past. We're in the process of getting quotes from them as well.

Jenny, the quote was from Preferred Surfaces in Morgantown, WV. The stone yard is Dente. Do you mind sharing what fabricator you're using?

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Lindsay - my first quote was from Preferred Surfaces. I ended up going with Mountain Top Granite and Marble in Oakland MD, and going with stone from NSI ( in MD. (I am in WV though, not MD). If you want more detail, see if you can email me through Gardenweb.

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Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but there are different types of 'carrara'. Carrara marble can be the cheaper, grayer marble, however, I am purchasing a Carrara Stuarietto, which is much more expensive.

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I also thought that Danby marble was out of my budget, but Mountain White Danby or Montclare Danby are the lower tiers, compared to Imperial, etc.
I started this process wanting Carrara also, but just about all of them were way too gray for me. The few whiter carrara slabs were too small for my projects (I would have needed to purchase 3-4 slabs, and have 4+ seams).
Then I searched Westwood Marble And Granite website which shows pricing and that's how I learned that I can afford Danby.

My point is you don't need to feel like you have to settle.

Here's one of my MtnWhite slabs:

Here is a link that might be useful: marbleandgranitePricing

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A lot of the marble comes in smaller slabs than the granite. You're definitely right about that. I went to Marble and Granite also, in Milford, Ct. They were so friendly, helpful and accommodating. I really wanted to buy from there and give them the sale. But they didn't have what I wanted. As I said, ultimately I chose a white Carrara Statuarietto which was comparatively large at 124 x 77, from Elemar in New Haven.

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See the difference between Danby (Left) and Carrara (Right).
Carrara was too gray.

Athenab: please post pix of your gorgeous carrara.


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Hi Amanda,

I will definitely post pics once I choose the slab. The Danby you have is definitely a beautiful stone. The carrara that I'm looking at is more like the Danby than the carrara in your shot! haha. The Mountain White danby that I looked at was just too dramatic for me and I knew DH was going to like it even less. We're going back next Friday to choose the slab! I will try to post a picture then (as long as I figure out how to do it!)

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