My new finished kitchen! pic heavy

cindyandmochaAugust 2, 2010

Warning, this is long and pic heavy. I am soooo glad to finally be back in the kitchen.

Here's a slide-show of my old ratty kitchen that I HATED...

And here are some pics of the new kitchen. I love it. There are still a couple of finishing touches to be completed, but I'm getting there.

View from the Den entry

Ladylux Plus Faucet doubles as a prep faucet and pot filler with the 360 degree swivel, but its too close to the sink edge. So we're replacing this faucet with the Ladylux 3 prep faucet.

View toward the den. Am loving the double ovens from KA with Steam Assist.

I am loving all of the drawer storage. Also, what looks like 2 doors on the island to the right of the cooktop is actually a double trash pullout. No more doggies surfing for snacks.

Love the drawers under the cooktop, and enjoying cooking with propane on the new Miele cooktop. Now I need some decent knives.

Everyone wondered what a "mockett" was..

I worried about switching to a single bowl instead of doubles, but this is a great change for us.

The Miele coffee-maker is one of my favorite things now. We got a floor display model pretty cheap. Also the 2nd drawer down is bread storage.

Over the oven dividers are great..

Loving the pull-out corner unit.

This was our huge find - the GE Monogram fridge at the Sears outlet for less than half price. The microwave came from Amazon Warehouse.

The pantry idea was the best idea we had. We got a ton of space back by going between the wall studs. The unit only eats up 3 inches of floor space, but is 7 inches deep when open.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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HOLY WOW!!! That is one beautiful kitchen!!!! What sink did you get? That big deep zero radius single bowl is making me drool! ;))

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Wow, that is GORGEOUS! I absolutely am in love with your granite! Happy to hear that finding great deals is possible, you lucked out on that great frig!

Thanks for posting the photos!

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Looks awesome! We chose a similar cabinet finish and we have the same hood. Do you like the hood? Does it work well enough? After I bought it I posted ?s here and I started getting scared that it won't be powerful enough. What do you think? Everything looks beautiful.

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Beautiful kitchen and I love the mockett. I wish I had thought of that!!

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That is one heck of a transformation! Love it!

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Wow, that is beautiful!! I love all the drawers and that pantry was a great idea, lots of storage.

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It is gorgeous!! I love the cabinets and the granite is stunning!

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It is fabulous to see your kitchen. It's been a pleasure to see your planning and now, to see your final product. Your choices of colors are amazing, and everything is well thought out. Thanks for opening the drawers and doors -- I'm a nosy person and love to see what's behind the wood -- and I think it's really helpful for people just starting to plan their kitchen to see what goes on behind the cabinets!

Congrats, and Bon Appetit

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Absolutely gorgeous!!! It is just so wonderful to see how beautifully a kitchen can come together. Also, I LOVE your cabinet hardware. Can you tell me what it is??


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This is a beautiful kitchen! Congratulations and now enjoy!!

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I love the pantry--so nice and big! And what beautiful granite! What is the size of your prep sink? I bought a full-size faucet already (Delta Leland) for my prep sink and now I'm afraid it won't fit. I haven't ordered the sink yet though. I'm so sorry you ran into that snag. Are they letting you return the first one?

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tootiepugsmom, that big sink is a Vigo that I got from the Big O for about 300, but its way cheaper than many others I found, and 16 guage.

wearyourbaby, the prep sink is stainless also from Big O and was only $42. It's 12 x 12.

I won't be able to return the faucet, which I got online from Irawoods. I got it last year around August, and it's too late to return it. I got a real bargain on them though, since they were having a half-price sale. I'm thinking I won't have a hard time selling this one, since it hasn't been used, and am going to let it go for about $200.

transitional, I got the hood on ebay from steamshowerstore, which has had some good reviews on here as a seller. It's 900 CFM and 6 speeds so it should be plenty powerful enough. Plus it was only $500.

sfmomoxo, the hardware is Top Knobs (Pull in Brushed Satin Nickel, model T-M536). I got that through my cabinet contractor so I don't know the cost of them yet. On they are about $10/each.

The really big bargain was that fridge. I got it for $3,500 including tax at the Sears outlet, and it retails around $8,500. There are 2 dings that you barely notice, which totally made it worth it to me.

The ovens and the cooktop came from AJ Madison.

I purposely used the curve theme with the vent hood, cabinet handles, the island granite, the pattern in the rug, and the light fixture to go along with the curve in the mirror on the sideboard near the dining table.

The stain was made to match the dining table and sideboard. The barstools (also Big O)were picked to go with the dining chairs. I got lucky on that find too.

Also the backsplash tile was from Big O, as were the light fixture and rug.

My biggest splurges were the cabinets and the granite themselves. I went with maple cabinets with a custom stain. The granite is mascarello. Honestly? a few evenings I've spent just sitting in here at the counter with a glass of wine and staring down into that granite.

There are still 2 doors to put over the bookshelves to finish the look, some screw holes on the interior of the cabinets they will plug, and my dishwasher has to be set back flush with the rest of the cabinets.

BTW, the dishwasher was the only thing I think I bought locally - the Miele Optima II, and I am loving how well it works.

Dimmers definitely on all the lights. When they're on full you need sunglasses in here. And I WISH I had thought to leave room for step-stool storage.

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Looks wonderful!!!! Your granite is so rich looking (love the vivid coloring and beautiful movement/graining).

I love how you used your "found space" (with the pantry cabs)!

Your sink cut-out is what I wish mine was--nice,flush reveal and nice 90 corners.

Great job!

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I love it all and the glitter from the backsplash is gorgeous , you really have a tremendous eye for storage and got a lot of bang for your buck in every way. I really want to know about the ovens...what is the steam assist and what are you doing with it ? Please post on the "food porn" thread if you will . we would all love to see that Miele cooktop in action and the oven results ! Great job. c

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What a transformation! I love everything - granite, backsplash, cabinets... Great storage "find" too.

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Wow! Your new kitchen is beautiful and looks to be incredibly functional. I especially love your drawer under the cooktop and your comment regarding the double trash pullout preventing doggie snack surfing. Congratulations!

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What a wonderful new kitchen! I love all your storage! I am so envious of your between the studs storage, as that is what I wanted, but the wall I wanted is load-bearing, and DH said "no way". Pooh!

The kitchen seems to missing something, though. Oh, I know what it is--your herd of camels! RFLOL! ;^)

Seriously, you have an absolutely gorgeous kitchen and room to do cartwheels! Congrats!

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Everything looks beautiful. I love that shallow pantry. Nothing lost in the back, everything right where you can see it and be super organized!! Great job. Enjoy.

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AMAZING MAKEOVER!!!! I have some great italian pottery that would look great on those shelves!!!!!! :)

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Stunning. You did a great job!

I have to know though, where is "the Big O" - is that Just wondering - you got great stuff there and I've never heard of it before, and want to take a look!

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Thanks everybody. the GW has been great for advice and ideas for me.

Shelayne, don't give up on your hubby yet. Tell him there is a giant header that can do the job of those studs.

Redfeatherbutt, I'll take that pottery!

Beckyg75, yup its I love that place. Sign up for a membership and you get a discount on everything, and shipping is always 1 dollar. I constantly get discount coupons in email from them for 10% off also, including this past weekend which was a 10% off weekend. Sometimes you can't beat that with a stick.

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I love the curve of your counter and the sleek feel your backsplash lends to the space. It seems you have made fantastic storage choices as well. I too bucked the white trend with wood tone cabinetry -- it certainly lends to the warmth in your kitchen. I would imagine you are going to love cooking there. Yours is a kitchen to relish. Congrats.

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Such wonderful, practical details! That shallow pantry is a stroke of genius. I always lose things on deeper shelves. Nothing more annoying than finding opened/stale bags of whatnot a year later. Your pantry is so organized and such a great use of space. I love your knife drawer and that corner pullout. Very cool. Congratulations on your beautiful new space!

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what kind of dividers are you using above the oven. I am searching and searching and these look almost perfect

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We've got a Miele coffee machine too, aren't they awesome. That is the first appliance I installed in our new kitchen, needed the caffeine for the late nights. I'm pretty sure our coffee consumption has increased since May.

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I absolutely LOVE the pantry-in-the-studs!!! Brilliant.

Beautiful kitchen.

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Muspic, we used rev-a-shelf dividers in chrome. They are also on and I am pretty sure I saw some just like them at Lowe's. Those screw down so I don't have to worry about tipping. I put a link below to the one on amazon.

Under the prep sink, I put one I got at Lowe's that does not screw down. That way it can be removed easily to get to plumbing if need be. I keep a cast iron wok ring, skillet and griddle plate on that. The weight of those 3 anchors it in place. I worried that those would be too heavy in my pot drawer along with so many other pots in there. Plus, I just don't use them as often as my other stuff and they are easy to get to.

vanisleevt, I wear that coffee machine out. I am a coffee-holic and work from home a lot. Some days are 10-cup days. I used it the entire time the remodel was going on just sitting on top of a tv stand in the den.

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Really nice and so well organized. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Love the clean look of your kitchen! I am doing full overlay frameless so the mockett is something for us to look into for our island. Can you post a better picture to show how it looks closed?

Love your stools too. Its all "so my style".

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Did I miss who made the cabinets? Great job, wonderful choices, enjoy!

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I actually can't find the words to describe what I am trying to say, but I love the view towards the den. That is one amazing space. That pantry idea was ingenious and i love the shelves on the end! Beautiful kitchen.

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Beautiful! Such a transformation! Your between-the-studs pantry is very clever, and I love the clean lines of your cabinets. What brand are they?

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Gosh, your kitchen looks great! Love the wood cabinets and the beautiful granite combo. I'm jealous of your fabulous appliances. I hope you'll enjoy it for years and years to come.

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May I add your kitchen to the Finished Kitchens Blog?
You can either give permission here in your post or send me an email:
Then, when you find the time, please submit the FKB Category Checklist so I can easily categorize your kitchen.

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How do you like your mocket?

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Thanks everybody!

We use the mockett way more than I actually thought we would. Here are two more pics of it.

The cabinets are actually custom cabinets from Tobitt Custom Cabinetry in Madison, TN. I love the cleaness of them - no little groves to collect dust or grease.

I am just enjoying cooking in here soooo much.

starpooh I'd be happy for you to add me to the finished kitchen blog.

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OK here are a few more pics since some have asked...

For the pantry, remember that I mentioned there was a big "header" behind the doors so that the studs could be removed. It's a load bearing wall where the pantry is, and that required by code that a header take it's place. It CAN be done. Remember, that is exactly what happens when you have windows or sliding glass doors -- a header takes the place of studs. It's the same concept, but it had to be so wide that we wanted to hide it. The cabinet-maker stained it so it's not obvious even with the doors open.

The doors over the bookcases are fake doors to give it a finished look and to also hide the header.

Also, we replaced the prep sink faucet finally.. and it too doubles as a pot filler. The other one was just too long necked for the sink and would have splashed water on the floor. This one works just as well.

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hi what granit did you use, the kitchen looks great thanks

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I love that you pour a glass of wine and stare at your granite...that sounds like something I would do!

Your kitchen is stunning, thank you for sharing it!

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Can't believe I missed your post. Everything looks great and I ditto all the compliments you have already received. Your granite could be my granite's sister/brother. I put in golden lapidus. I just fell in love with all the earthy colors and drama in the granite and yours looks almost exactly like mine. Enjoy your new kitchen!!

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I keep getting asked in email.. so here it is again.

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