Ideas for decorating unusual built-ins

DebwaDecember 29, 2013

I just moved to a new home that was built in the 80's. There's a great sunroom addition that has two units of floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving. The shelving is in the corners of the room, so each shelf is deep and triangular. Any ideas for making use of this space in an attractive and functional way? Thanks so much!

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Looks like the TV and components go there.

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That was the case with the previous owners, but we'll be using the room for reading and container gardening.

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Books & magazines on the narrow shelves?
During the holidays, a great spot for a Christmas Village display, the Dept 56 villages that need an outlet to light each building.
Are both units configured for media components?

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could always eliminate them...

or if you're into fish, they'd be great for an aquarium....

or you can add doors for enclosed storage...

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I'd forget about the depth of the shelves; possibly even doing something to make the shelves shallower. Those shelves are too deep--you'll either lose stuff back there, or have a hard time retrieving it. Just because they are deep and triangularly shaped doesn't mean you have to use the whole depth. You can just use them like shelves for books or pretty objects or what-have-you.

Or, if your house is short on storage, put a row of books up front and store other stuff in back of them, stored in attractive, easy to pull out boxes or bins.

If you have an interesting collection, you could add lights and display the collection there.

Could you put grow lights in and use the shelves for part of your container garden?

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Love the aquarium idea - or use the shelves for a display of your cool gardening paraphernalia. You could install grow lights for an herbal garden or a killer bonsai.

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My first choice would be to take them out. It wouldn't be complicated at all, although you may need to patch/redo drywall. That isn't hard at all-even I have learned how to do it.

If that is not an option, I agree that you could repurpose the shelves for plants. You could do something like those living walls they are showing. If you google living wall art, there are lots of images.

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I would store things behind other decorative items like books, baskets, a small lamp, and other pottery or decoration items. That would be the quickest fix and you could have storage and display.

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