First crack at kitchen layout

MNTwinsAugust 16, 2012

Here's our first crack at the general kitchen layout. We are currently a family of four (two young kids) and my wife does most of the cooking. Does anyone have thoughts or suggestions about the overall layout? Thanks!

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Please tell us the aisle widths -- distances between countertops (island to sink, island to cook top, island to micro/ovens,

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Generally it looks OK, but more detailed dementions will help.

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OK, we made some changes to our floor plan and this is currently what I have drawn up. Counters are drawn at 24" deep. M+O = Microwave + wall oven.

Any initial thoughts on this layout? Thanks!
(Click for a bigger image)

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You have created a "barrier island": you will have to walk around it to get between the fridge and the sink.

What tasks do you envision using the island for?

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Dimensions of 3'-6" to 4'-0 are essentially corridor dimensions and will be awkward for two or more people working in the same space at the same time. Perhaps this is not an issue with your cooking habits?

If it were me, I'd probably look at a square "U" plan with a counter or bar height extension from the left of the DW. Just a thought. Good luck!

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My wife is the cook in the family...she'll be using it to prepare meals, fix lunches for the kids, dinners for our family, etc. It's pretty much a one cook kitchen...there are sometimes two cooks when we have relatives over.

My wife seems pretty indifferent on the kitchen layout (as long as there is plenty of space compared to what we have now), and I haven't done enough research to identify different zones, etc.

The fridge used to be more centered in relation to the island, but I slid the fridge over next to the pantry so that it's a little easier walk between the sink and fridge.

I though about switching the fridge with the wall oven/microwave, but the clearances work out better as it's currently drawn out.

I was hoping some of you could educate me and point out any obvious flaws along with potential corrections :)

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Thank you for taking time to reply Angie and virgilcarter.

Most of the time it's just one cook in the kitchen (aside from when relatives are over).

Would you go 54" aisles for two cooks?

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I think your aisles seem ok. Maybe the fridge could fit to the left of dw (move sink a bit to the right). and move range down a bit.

Is this a new build or remodel?

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the first plan with the pantry in a different spot looks better.Not sure why you changed plans. For an "island"kitchen,the first island would be preferable:alignment/curved side for stools/one level.

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