Kasmir (Or Cashmere) Granite & Slate?

MeMcGAugust 5, 2012

Still trying to find a counter that will go with my slate backsplash. BS has some lighter color stones mixed in. I'm now thinking something like kasmir or cashmere white granite to lighten up the look but still have a natural stone.

Any thoughts?


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Kashmir White & River White would look really nice with the slate IMO. Both have a somewhat bluish tinge to the grey that runs through the stone. We have the Kashmir in our laundry & master bath & the River White in the kitchen on the island. Love them both.

Good luck!

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Thanks so much. I am glad to hear you like your Kashmir white because I put a hold on 2 slabs today!
Have you had any problems with staining or etching? I've just run across a few comments (here and elsewhere) about that being a problem with light colored granites. It's always something!
Thanks again and I'd love to hear from anyone else with Kasmir, now that I've committed.

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