Decisions that could make or break my kitchen remodel

berardmrAugust 2, 2012

In the last few weeks, I have made a ton of decisions, then I second guess myself and change my mind.

Let me first post a photo of my sink wall. It will not have upper cabinets. The window is 8' wide and I have about 2' on either side of the window. I am using Vetro Lux Bianco - a splurge - and it will go to the ceiling. I will post a photo of that later.

The countertop will either be Cambria Torquay or a granite that I'll post later too.

My latest challenge? The choice of lights. And do I even want to sconces - are they mostly for bathrooms? I was originally thinking that I'd have a light above the sink and a matching sconce on either side. The problem is this: The tile has a pearl-like glow to it. I'm afraid that it will look too bathroom-y with polished Nickel sconces on either side. Your thoughts?

Cabinet pulls and faucet will be chrome.

Can you recommend any lights? Would you use sconces? Or ceiling lights to illuminate the counters.

Okay, so I'm rambling. Here's the sink wall that's making me a crazy woman!!

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Here's the backsplash. The photo does not do it justice. I saw research_queen's kitchen and feel hard for it. Stunning!

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Can you try photoshopping in some sconces that you like? Maybe if you can see it mocked up it'll help you decide? I think it could be nice, though.

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The counter top will be this granite or Torquay. Concerned that mostly white Torquay and mostly white backsplash may be too boring. The cabinets are a dark rich cherry.

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Here's the actual window. deedles, I don't know how to use photo shop.

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Wow, what a nice big window! Lets lots of light in during the day but a big dark expanse at night. I would suggest at least a light over the sink but since the window is so wide you could probably get away with sconces too. I'd continue with the chrome. You should be able to find some that do not look bathroom-y. There are lots of choices on line. Good luck!

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That's the problem; I have not been able to find a sconce....

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Below is a link to Aokat's kitchen with sconces at the sink. Her setup is a bit different than yours. I know I've seen a couple other kitchens with sconces, but am blanking now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics before aokat's kitchen was completed

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There are tons of sconces that don't look bathroom-ish to me. But, there are tons that do. I think if you go BN with a white shade you run the risk of bathroomish.

Have no idea what you are wanting - but the first one has pendants that match and that could look cool. (The light is a stunner in person but isn't very big.) The second one you could find a nice light to match too.

Or, if you go with your granite you could get a sconce with some blue, or one with your cab colors in it, or both - some type of art glass sconce. (And, I prefer the granite. I have the same concern as you do - that the Torquay and your BS could be too bland. Also that the iridescence in the BS might not work well with the Torquay. But, I'll let the people with Torquay speak to that!)

I think the challenge will be the width of the window. (The view from which makes me miss my beautiful home and yard in the midwest every time I see it... sigh.) Given the size of the window I would think you would want a decent sized sconce. Also, you may want to think about getting a center light that matches so that it would pull them together. Or not. :)

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WHAT A WINDOW!! WHO NEEDS LIGHTS!!!! WHOOOWEEE!!! Drop dead gorgeous. :)

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Imagine that whole wall tiled. Ohhhhh baby!!

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Thanks for the compliments on our window. The comment about a big black hole at night kinda hurt my feelings; I have to be honest.

Beeps..thank you - where did you find these sconces?

poohpup, thanks for the photos. I will search houzz for "kitchen sconces". I do agree that scones will need some heft next to such a large window so I'll keep that in mind.

I love the sconce photos!

If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know. I appreciate your help so much!

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berardmr - I don't think the poster that said about the dark expanse at night was meaning to be negative...I think that was to remind you to think about how it looks at night. We have a tendency to think window = light. But sometimes window = night. And we don't always think about how our gorgeous windows that leave in copious amounts of light in the day won't do that so much at night. I mean, I know it's obvious to us...but sometimes, we forget to think about that in our design. I think the suggestion about adding lights above and around it was a helpful suggestion to help make certain it's not too much darkness at the window section at night.

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berardmr - big dark expanse is a bit different from big black hole IMHO. An unlit window with no backlighting from outside WILL be a black expanse, but I think the poster was just trying to say it would benefit from a pendant and side lighting to play it up/soften it at night. I love the idea of the pendants after seeing the examples and there is NO way I would limit that gorgeous window. Backsplash to the ceiling? Drooling...

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Maybe I did take the message in the wrong way. I am just so stressed over this remodel and so afraid that I'll make the wrong decisions. Time is running out for me to decide and that's just escalating the pressure. My apologies to the poster.

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I don't think I would like a pendant in front of the window because it would take away from the lovely arch. I would do a high hat can light over the sink. As for sconces, I think a substancial sconce could look really nice, but it is hard to suggest fixtures when we do not know the style of the kitchen (modern, transitional, old world, etc.).

Love the window. Its going to be a great kitchen!

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The look will be transitional with a contemporary twist. I have ordered a beautiful crystal chandelier for over the breakfast table but I thought it would be too much to put crystal around the window too, although I am open to a little bit of bling there. I want sconces that will illuminate the beautiful tile since there are no upper cabinets on that wall. I have less than 24" to work with, so a sconce anywhere from 6-14" wide would work best.
The idea of placing a ceiling light (instead of a pendant) above the sink is a good one and I think I'll go with that idea. Still searching with a passion!

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I may have found something. Two, actually.

Choice #1
The first one has a patterned white silk shade. It is a good size at 13" wide. I know it will gather dirt but it's not near the range. I wonder if I could dust it periodically..? The crystal will tie in with the crystal chandelier above the breakfast table. This also has a matching ceiling light that I can place over the sink.

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Choice #2

This one has a glass shade rather than the silk shade on previous photo. Colder perhaps? 12" wide. Also has a matching ceiling light. More practical, I guess, be we all know we're not always practical when it comes to decorating.

As always, I appreciate your help.

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It looks like you are on the right track. I think those would look great. Def not bathroom-ish to me.

And I agree with not blocking your window nor the arch. Just too pretty to have anything take away from it. So disregard my earlier comment that there was a pendant light to match one of those sconces. Bad idea! :)

And, not sure how I even feel about a matching ceiling light. That might be too many of those lights too close together. Those sconces make a statement as it is and I think a matching ceiling light might be too much. Think I agree with the can lights idea. Or, matching ceiling light but remove the bling so the shade is similar but not so much bling. ? Don't know. Just thinking out loud. Do you have an island with pendant lights? Because if you don't you could hang some pendants on either side and that would look pretty too I think. Such a pretty window. So many fun ways you can dress it up!

Just for what it's worth, of the choices you show - I think I prefer #1 - which is unusual for me because I lean strongly contemporary and I think #2 is more contemporary. But... I like #1 better. And I like it a lot!

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Quick thought before I dash off to work... will white work with your BS? Just wonder given the iridescence of the BS.

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I really like the first sconce too.

You know beeps, I think you may be right. Sometimes less is more. I need to have a light above my sink but I hadn't thought about just using a can light. If I included the matching light over the sink, I would have 4 crystal lights in close proximity.

I only need to figure out what to do above the sink -- a can light or a very simple ceiling light.

That lump in my stomach feels so much better now. I can't thank you guys enough!

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All -- too much bling with the reflective backsplash and the crystal accents from sconce on that wall? I want tasteful but not overdone. Thx for the help. Your opinions will not hurt my feelings, I promise!

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Oooohhhh.... another one I like. Must be my lucky day!

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Hi everyone,

We bought our house two years ago and are remodeling our kitchen....I really want a "white kitchen" and am trying to decide on the countertops. I like lighter granites ( ex: Kashmir White) but am sooo worried about staining. I also like Cambria Quartz in Torquay. I like the granite better then the quartz, but am worried about maintenance, one day when we have kids, etc. I know granite can be stained- is that difficult to do? Expensive?

If you have any experiences, comments, etc. please share! Thanks so much

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I honestly know nothing about granite but if you are concerned with color and considering staining, why don't you look into using a concrete countertop. It can be stained any color you want and I understand they are indestructable. And... it is considerably cheaper.

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