How do you hang your Christmas stockings?

valinsvDecember 9, 2007

Please give me some ideas for hanging Chrismas stockings on our fireplace mantle which does not involve making any holes in our new mantle. I checked BBB today and they had some "decorative" weights with hooks that could be placed on top of the mantle, but I felt they looked rather tacky and would clutter up my mantle. Any online shopping links would be great!

We usually only put up stockings for the kids, but this year my BIL's family will be with us so plan to hang stockings for 5 kids.

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I use "3M" clear, removeable hooks on the underneath of the mantle. They hold the empty stockings with no problem - if they are very heavy when filled (our stockings are big), sometimes Santa has to lay them on the hearth. I didn't want the decorative weights when my children were younger, as I was afraid they would pull them onto their heads.

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Just a thought but haven't personally tried these for this particular use:

The Command hooks that come off cleanly (not sure if they would stick to wood but if it has a varnish or polyurethane coating it should hold) The large ones hold 5 lbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Command hooks

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jen: I did not even think about the possibility of the weights being pulled down, but you are absolutely right! We will have 2 very excited 6 year olds. Falling on either the head or our new stone hearth would be a disaster! I will look into your suggestion and it looks like sippimom has provided a link to something similar. Great minds think alike!

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I know you don't want to make holes in your new mantel and I totally understand. But...when the new wears off...
... I use a tiny 1/2 inch tack and sink it into the top, flat part of the mantle just enough to hold the stockings. It's invisible from eye level for the rest of the year and I put the tack back in the same hole every year.

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I couldn't live without the 3M Command adhesive. I use them for everything. Wreaths on the front door, stockings, Advent calendar on the wall. Even the robe that hangs on the back of my bathroom door is a Command Adhesive hook. They even have nice metal looking ones now. It's the best invention ever! Okay, maybe not ever...but I just love them.

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I use a thumbtack on the UNDERside of the mantel. Filled stockings are not an issue here, because Santa fills them and then delivers them to the outside of each kid's door -- to keep them in their rooms a bit longer in the a.m. while Mom and Dad sleep!

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Lindybarts, I totally agree. I use them to hang holiday wreaths, swags, and the lighted garland on my fireplace mantle. I pull them off and you never know anything was there.

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You gotta get these....we love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Original Mantle Clips

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Forgot to add we bought ours at Lowe's 2 years ago, not sure if they still carry them or not.

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pfmastin: That is what we used to do with our old matle DH put up which was a Home Depot special. The new one is a painted wood custom mantle so would rather not make any holes for now.

jen9, sippimom, and lindybarts: Those 3M Command hooks sounds like just the thing.

mpwdmom: Those mantle clips also look good.

Sounds like a trip to Lowes is in order.

Thanks everyone for all the great suggestions!

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