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nap101August 9, 2012

As I'm looking at so many pictures and becoming more familiar with various types of cabinets I find myself attracted to this style.

Can you tell me more about this style. For instance, is it harder to get them perfect as far as installation? How do they wear and hold up over time? Are there functional issues I need to know about? What are the advantages/disadvantages of this style?

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I just got mine so can't speak to wear. I do know they are less forgiving for any imprecision since the edges all show and the give a little less room in the cabinet since the shelf sits in the cabinet.

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I just got them as well. I would recommend you get 15" deep uppers because there are many things that will not fit in mine, including dinner plattes. I knew this thanks to GW and thought I could work around it, which I am, but its annoying.

I think the doors tend to settle and shift a bit and need occassional adjustment.

Can't think of any other differences other than cost. They usually cost more.

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I have had my inset cabinets for 9 months. They look beautiful, but you lose space in the cabinets using inset. You also cannot get "soft close" for inset. My cabinets close on a magnet and are noisy when I close them.
Someone recently told me that full overlay cabinets are better because eventually you can just replace the door and keep the frame. I don't think that would be easy with inset.
The paint cracked where the wood seems meet on the frame of the cabinet and, if I had overlay, this would not be visible. I used to think that full overlay was modern and now I know that you can make any door for the full overlay. Full overlay cabinets are often cheaper and definitely cheaper than inset.
Keep an open mind and check out cabinets in homes where they are used.

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I have soft close on my beaded inset drawers and doors.

I had beaded inset in my old kitchen for 5 years with out any problems with wear and tear. You have to make sure you have quality hinges.

You do need to measure your plates to make sure that they will fit in upper cabinets because the inset door takes 3/4 of an inch or so.

They are more costly. Depending on where you get them, there could be a standard upcharge per frame/door or a % upcharge for the whole job.

Go through the magazines/Houzz and bookmark each kitchen that you like. If the vast majority have inset doors, then you know it is a style worth looking into.

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Just writing to confirm that you can get soft close for inset.

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I think it depends on if you have exposed hinges or not.

I have exposed hinges and the magnets like EMH on my inset cabinets.

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You can add soft close for three bucks. It has nothing to do with the hinge. Depending on cabinet design a mounting block may be needed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blumotion Cabinet Mount For Compact Hinges

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I don't have exposed hinges, but I do have the blumotion soft close on drawers and doors.

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So If I have exposed hinges these can be added to make my cabinets soft-close? Cool.

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How deep are everyone else's? What do you recommend? I know dilly said 15". My guy does 13" standard. We're making the baking station 14" but I wonder if I should do all the uppers in 14".

What are your findings? : )

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I added the soft close in Marcolo's link. Took me maybe an hour to do my entire kitchen. Best $60 I ever spent.

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