Doorway to new apt is only 30" wide

Daisy-ChainDecember 21, 2013

So PB leather Chesterfield won't fit. I loved that sofa.
Where do I find sofa (or sleeper sofas) that will fit?

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LL bean has some pretty utilitarian sofas, but they all can ship ups and may fit. I have no idea how they perform.

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Holly- Kay

Holy Cow Daisy. That is going to be tough. I think you first need to find out what exactly will fit size wise and go from there. Most furniture sites give the dimensions of their pieces but you need to know the max sizes that will go through that narrow of an opening. If you go to Duane has a furniture forum and I'll bet you will find some guidelines on what to look for.

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Could they bring it in a window or slider door?

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I've linked to a Pottery Barn measuring guide for sofas. The key measurement seems to be the diagonal measurement--this is the first time I've seen that and it makes sense. That would give you something to work with when shopping for another sofa. Also, make sure you have the measurements of the sofa that didn't fit, because you know anything that size or larger won't work.

Some manufacturers make sofas that can come apart and be reassembled in your house.

American Leather comfort sleeper sofas
Simplicity Sofas
Modulus Furniture
Crate and Barrel makes a sofa where the back comes off to fit into tight places

If you go to a good furniture store, where the salespeople really know their stuff, they could point you to smaller pieces, or pieces where the back/legs/arms are removable.

The Pottery Barn sofa you like also comes in a sectional. Would getting two pieces of the sectional collection work?

I'm probably restating the obvious here, but you never know . . . . If they can get the sofa to the vertical, good movers can usually get a sofa that is taller than the door is wide into a space. You can take off the door to add an inch or two more room. Some people go so far as to remove the trim around the doorway to gain a tad more space.

And if you live in New York City, there are companies that will come and cut your sofa apart, move it into your space and reassemble it for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to measure

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Room and Board has a lot of smaller sofas, and so does West Elm, and R&B does a lot of Manhattan business.

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My son's last apartment had a 19" wide hallway. He never gave it a thought and was quite shocked when he went to move in. We ended up getting a futon and putting it together there. Good luck!

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There is a guy online (mover) who will tell you what size sofa will fit through what size doorway. He is awesome! I'll see if I can find it and get the link to you. When we were buying our new sofa, I was convinced we couldn't get the one I wanted through the doorway. He said we could and he was right.

Looked but couldn't find the exact guy, but if you google "will my sofa fit through this door," you get tons of answers. Have a look.

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I have a similar problem since we use one of our 4 bedrooms as a home office/tv room. If you buy a sofa that has built in recliners in the end they will fit thru the door since the whole back of those kind of sofas comes off in 3 pieces.

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Wow -- thanks everyone! And good to *meet* another DaisyChain :)

RH actually lists min clearance (love you RH) and they have a "petite" size -- Lancaster and Kensington -- that only need 28". I hope I measured right -- inside frame to frame -- 30" wide but 84" tall. I don't think I could take off the frame without taking down the whole 1930s building!

Never thought of a sectional -- great idea! Really appreciate all the info. I was getting resigned to his and her bean bag chairs.

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Can you take the legs off and slide it in on it's back? The measurements say it is 30.5" tall. Take the door off it's hinges too.

Signed, someone who has moved in and out of many vintage apartments. :)

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Elraes Miller

Take the door off. Lift the sofa on the arm end. Take the feet off. You may be able to tip it back and scooch it around the door. I've done this more than sanity allowed. Movers just won't listen to us and found that many times we have the answers while they roll their eyes.

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I think this is the expert guy that daisychain01 was talking about. He was mentioned on this forum years ago and I saved the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wiill it fit?

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I noticed on PB's site they list the "height" at 30.5-31" (depending on which option you've selected - odd that the loveseat is listed as .5" taller than sofa or grand sofa). It's unclear from those dimentions whether the height includes the legs or not and whether the legs are removable. I'm not certain if you've called PB or visited the store, but I'd be curious to find out if the legs can be removed to get you below 30". On a side note, be sure you measure the doorway top middle and bottom (and include the door jambs!). I have a bathroom doorway that I measured at just over 24" and when I had movers try to fit a 24" vanity through the door, we discovered that the doorway was narrower at the bottom. The guys were amazing and managed to delicately squeeze it through the opening at about chest level after removing the back (and later putting the back on again).

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