Target burlap-like panels

DecorJunkieDecember 19, 2012

Does anyone know the name of the Target burlap-like curtain panels? They aren't actual burlap, but the texture looks very similar.

We don't have a store nearby and I'm trying to locate them on the Target website.

I've searched for "burlap," "woven," "khaki" and "textured" but no luck so far. Appreciate any info. Thanks!

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Osnaburg looks a bit like burlap.

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Is it the Scotland? Or the Basketweave?

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You're so right - I checked it out online and Osnaburg sounds wonderful - softer than burlap. Can you tell I'm a fabric novice? :)

The curtain panels I saw at Target are pretty much what I'm looking for (and at a price I am comfortable with) and I saw them a few months ago in a store but now I can't seem to find them online. I really should have taken a pic of the label so I'd know the name of them - either that, or I should have bought them on the spot. Live and learn!

Thanks for your response! If I can't locate them, I'll search for ready-made Osnaburg panels in my price range.

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geokid -

OMG! That's it - the Basketweave!!!! Thanks so very much! You're a lifesaver and I appreciate it! :)

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You're welcome! Those two popped into my head right away. I'm kind of a Target-aholic. :)

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