Cost of cabinet installation

carolahbAugust 20, 2008

I know it depends on where you live, what all is involved, and many other variables, but I would be interested in finding out what others have paid for cabinet installation. I've gotten an estimate from a contractor who has broken down his charges and he's listed $2565 to install cabinets in a kitchen that's about 12x17. Trim work, electical, appliance installation and painting have been listed separately.

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I paid $4500 to install in a 10 x 14 space to the cabinet co (separate from my GC). The install was a 1st class job and took about 6 days. I'm in SoCal. HTH.

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My kitchen is pretty small. I'll give you details from my quote. Total sq footage was 56.42 (including cabs for a small bath). Just the install was $775. I live in NC.

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My space is rather small - 8 upper cabinets and 6 lower. Installation was $3,900 and included refrigerator side panels, peninsula panel, cabinet crown and light rail moulding. It took two installers about 1 1/2 days. I live in NYC suburbs.

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Our kitchen cabinet area is 8.5'(furnace ducting takes up 2 feet on the end wall), 9 feet on another wall, and 15' on the long wall, plus a 5.5' peninsula. Basically a 10 X 15 square.

Installation was going to be $2500, we did it DIY- easiest $2500 we've saved on this reno so far. This did not include installation of trim, crown molding or light rails.

I think yours sounds quite reasonable- I had several quotes and they were all in that ballpark.

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i think it sounds reasonable. Ask them how many days they will spend? does it include light rail, molding, hardware? But PLEASE, please please don't make your decision on price. A good cabinet installation will be the pearl of your renovation. A bad one will make you want to tear your hair out every time you brew a cup of coffee. Make sure you get someone who cares about precision and aesthetics. We had to fire our first installer. Any more questions?

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Thanks so much for the responses. It is a huge help! It seems that my guy's quote is somewhere probubly within the "normal range", so I'll dig deeper, checking references, etc.

He quoted me $780 for 6 cans of recessed lighting. He said if I wanted a few more, I'd just pay for the additional cans, that it wouldn't be any more in labor. Does this sound reasonable?

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can installation should be about 50 - 100 per can, depending where you live. i forget how much the actual materials cost.
Don't just check references. Go see some of the guy's work, preferably with similar design look to what you are going for.


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Not to distract from the original question, unfortunately I don't know the actual cost of my installation because I never got a line by line quote--I think it was about $3,000, but I'm shocked to hear how quickly the previous poster's installations were completed. We were initially told our installation would take 1 1/2 to 2 days for a 10 x 15 kitchen including a complex range hood design. Then as the cabinet installation was being scheduled we were told it would take 4 days. Now it is August 21st and my installer started the job on July 22nd! He hasn't been here everyday for the past month, but he did show up every day for the first 2 weeks and then a couple days a week ever since. He has been here at least 15 times! That can't be normal. Today will allegedly be the last day (I'm not sure if I believe that.) I'm certainly not paying the contract remainder until I'm actually satisfied that its done properly, i.e.-the light rail molding is no longer crooked and I don't have a huge gap between end panels that were supposed to be flush! Can anyone else tell me if its typical for 1 installer to do a kitchen alone? We were under the impression that they were sending 2 or 3 people to do the installation which would have been much quicker. I should add that he told me last week that he won't install my hardware because I didn't buy it from the KD. No one told me that electing to buy my own hardware meant that I had to install it myself! Can you tell that I'm bitter about this?

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I should add that he told me last week that he won't install my hardware because I didn't buy it from the KD

Oh boy... I'd expect that cabinet installation would include the install of hardware but, in this case, given his attitude, I don't think I'd want him to install it.

FWIW, I'd take my sweet time paying the balance you owe since it appears that they've taken their sweet time installing your cabs. Obviously, they're not in any hurry to get paid, right?

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Circus Peanut

paigeysmom, can you speak to your KD about this? The time lag is unacceptable, but the knob issue is really over the top. Let your KD know how unhappy you are with the install -- surely they can provide a little kick, since they're the ones who hired this joker and can leverage future employment with him.

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I'm paying $3600 for a 15x16 kitchen, that includes lightrails and crown mouldings, we live in the New York area.

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Perfect timing!

I was just wondering about this, as I'm trying to compare a couple of quotes on cabinets that just include delivery (maybe) with a total-custom-designed-just-for-me layout that includes installation, and I'm trying to figure out (read: rationalize) the true relative costs.

If installation is, say, even a thousand shaved off what I'd pay my contractor, the bid looks even more attractive.

I REALLY love this site!

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I just received an estimate of $5300 to do a rip out and install of about $13k worth of cabinetry, molding, under cabinet lighting, etc. I think it is pretty high, only because he told me it would take about 2 days. I assume there will be 3-4 people working on the project to accomplish this in such a short time, but we will see. We bought thru Lowe's and used their installer, who came to measure, and seemed like he knew what he was talking about. I am in Philly suburbs. I may get another estimate, believing I can save $2k, but I worry about their knowledge of the product we are using, which is from Lowe's and this guy has done it before. Any comments????

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