Basket Drawers

localeaterAugust 22, 2012

OK, I garden a lot. I try to grow all the vegetables we will need over the winter, I fail in entirety, but I do try. I get a good harvest of potatoes, garlic, onions, shallots and would really like a set of 12" basket drawers in my island for their storage. I am talking short term storage of a pound or two more than that stays in the root cellar.

Do you have baskets, do you love them, do you hate them, why?

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I don't have them, I do like the look of them, but I also like the wire front drawers that were designed for the pantry of the "This Old House" remodel of the Bedford house. They are very pretty, and there's less empty space. You can also use the drawers for other things if you find you need less root veg storage in summer, for example. I think it's fantastic that you garden so well.

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I find the rattan baskets expensive and incredibly difficult to clean.. the onion skin bits etc.. are impossible to clean.. I much prefer the wire front ventilated drawers..

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I wanted but nuked for same reasons that lalitha mentioned. I do like eam's idea from this old house. I ended up with a 2 tier wire basket on the counter as out of site equals forgotten for me. The other day a tomato imploded and everything was coated in sticky tomato juice. Just wiped up the mess and it was gone. The basket would have been toast!

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Great input. I didn't realize they wasted space. I guess I should have since where I could get three(or four) drawers I was only getting two baskets. Maybe I'll just forget about the baskets. I was thinking I wanted to keep onions/potatoes/garlic in the island but maybe I will just leave them in the pantry. It is cooler and darker and so technically better for them anyway.
Thanks gardenweb!

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