Scratches on fridge door handle

LinelleAugust 18, 2013

I have a Kitchenaid stainless side-by-side fridge, about 18 months old. It doesn't pick up fingerprints too bad and generally looks like new. I live alone and am essentially the only one opening/closing its doors.

I noticed an area of small scratches along the left side front of the freezer side handle, about where I grab it to open (and close it, avoiding fingerprints on the face). Perplexing. Then I realized I wear one ring on my left hand (middle finger), an anniversary-style ring. The five diamonds are quite modest. As long as I've worn it, it has a tendency to rotate slowly on my finger so that the diamonds are on the palm side. Lightbulb moment: I'm pretty sure now that often I've grabbed the handle and the diamonds are on the inside and have left a scratch. Such is life, but something to think about.

Fortunately these scratches are in about a 2-inch space and need the light just right to see.

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That will do it. There were always scratches on the car windows from my mothers rings and watch.

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Once more, I've become my mother. :)

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Holly- Kay

Linelle me too. My DM comes out of my mouth frequently. Not that I mind because she was the best!

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