Painting MB, does bath need to match?

kellienoelleDecember 20, 2013

Me again, with an easy question (I hope) this time. My husband is off work for the holiday and looking for projects. Anybody who has been following my Family Room saga knows that I am in no way ready to decide on a paint for that room, so am looking to paint the Master Bedroom/Bath instead. While I am not quite ready to move on to "decorating" these rooms, I think I could find a paint color pretty easily. It's currently a beige, which is fine, but I would prefer a softer color for that room, maybe a blue, gray or green (I'm going to start with Stonington Gray and go from there). Like most of the rooms in my house, it isn't very large. My question is regarding the bathroom. I am not sure that a blue, gray, green will match the vanity or the tiles that are currently in there. So I suppose I have two questions, do you see a color like this in the bathroom? If not, is it odd to have an entirely different color scheme in the master bedroom and attached bath? Here are a couple of not very good pictures.

The Bedroom:

A couple of the bathroom:
The tub area so you can see the tile (matching tile in the shower on the other side of the room - I really hate the way it's laid out but that is a project for another day)

And the vanity area:

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I don't think they have to long as they coordinate. I have a pale gray bedroom and a pale yellow bath with gray accents in the bath and yellow accents in the bedroom. What about the color of your lamps or similar shade?

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my last master bed and bath were painted a nice green (Livable Green by SW) so maybe that would work in these rooms. It was a nice soft green. They matched the lamps and artwork quite well,

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I can't really tell what color the vanity top is, but I don't see anything that would prevent using a soft blue or green in the bath. I wouldn't like gray with the strong yellow/brown of the bath tile, but, then I'm not fond of gray anyway. :)

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Well, looks like you have a blue robe hanging there, and I don't see anything wrong with that maybe a light blue.
Or according to the BM site, they combine Stampede or Red Rock with SG. That would be pretty bold, though.

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I saw a photo in the baths forum a while ago where they painted the bedroom blue and used a lighter color on the strip for the bathroom. It looked very nice.

I have a dark stained cherry vanity with Giallo Ornamental Light granite and used BM Silver Mist. It's more of a silvery blue than a gray blue. I wanted to push the blue as far as I could into the gray tone but didn't want a colorless gray. Not sure I succeeded, but there's a limit to how many sample pots I'm willing to try. The grayed blue-greens didn't work in my lighting, but they're pretty in some bathrooms and popular right now.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Our guest room has an en suite bath and it does not match. The guest room is yellow and the bath is beige. So they play nicely together.

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junco East Georgia zone 8a

I have BM Lavender Blue in my bedroom and BM Quiet Moments in my attached bath. I love the combination. I can see the Quiet Moments in your bath with some accents to bring in the color of your tile. You could use one of the other colors on that BM strip for your bedroom.

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Mine don't match. My bathroom is a light blue/gray and the bedroom is Antique White. I tried the blue/gray in the bedroom but it didn't look good at all, but it is perfect in the bathroom.

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Ours does not match but co-ordinates. Bedroom is BM Wedgewood gray (a greyish blue) an bathroom is BM Revere Pewter, a warm grey. I love the colors together they flow and each are appropriate for the room. Our bathroom fixtures are biscuit/off white and the floor is fake travertine with pinkish undertones...I chose the Revere Pewter because it downplayed the pink undertones and didn't clash like the PO's yellowy cream color did.

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Thanks for the comments, I think I'll start with the bedroom and then move onto the bath if inspiration strikes. The vanity top is maybe Baltic Brown granite? Apparently I am the only person working or christmas eve, or I would take a pic. I think that a green would work better with the tones of the bedroom than a blue (which stinks because I was "feeling" blue. The other full bath upstairs (and the office) is painted a cheery green that I just adore.

So next question, do I go vibrant, like a Hearts of Palm (or Rice Paddy), or more serene, something like Baby Turtle.

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