HELP needed asap with seams - which would you do?

MadsMamaAugust 9, 2013

Hi there, need some thoughts on where to place my seams (need to have 2). My dilemma is whether I should put one of the seams at the sink or to the left of it. I'm nervous about a sink seam, so thought I should consider nudging it over - but then I have 2 big ol' seams near each other. I am doing Caesarstone Piatra Grey for the counters. Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

Thanks much...

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My vote is to the left! You really won't see the seams anyway if they install correctly, but I think you will notice the seam at the sink much more than if it is to the left of the sink. Is there any possibility to move it to the right of the sink, or is that where your dishwasher is? Missing my reading glasses so I can't read the small print!

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Thanks, MarinaGal, appreciate the feedback. The DW is to the right of the, can't move it there.

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I would never have a seam at my sink. I learned that from a pro here on the forum.

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I have to disagree.
We have our seam at the sink.
I know, almost everyone says to not do it, and I wasn't thrilled at the prospect, but on the recommendation of our fabricator, we went with it.
It's been almost 3 years and to date, no problems.
Here's a shot.

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My seam is in the center of my sink, too. It's bookmatched and very discreet. My fabricator recommended it as the most unobtrusive place, and it is. If your stone has a lot of movement, it will be difficult to get a good match at a long seam.

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Are those the correct measurements across the bottom? If so, you should be able to do it with just one seam at the left edge of the 10" cab beside the corner cab. Caesarstone slabs are 120"x54" so it seems like you shouldn't need two seams with that counter config. But I might be reading your measurements wrong...

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Thanks, all - the overall dimensions are 174" (sink run) x 119" (cooktop run). So, no way around 2 seams. :(

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I have my only seam at the sink and it is not noticeable (white diamond). My friend recently had granite installed and insisted the seam be the left of the sink. Well, it is much more noticable.

The way I look at it is with a sink seam the actual seam is only a total of about 6". With a full seam in another area it is 25.5". The least amount of seam, the less noticeable it is and the less area of seam to be concerned with.

Of course in either way you have to make sure you have a good fabricator and you are on the same page as to what is a good seam.

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On the advice of our fabricator and because it made the most sense, we too bookmatched our slabs and had them meet at the sink and are thrilled with the way it turned out. It's really cool having symmetrical veining on each side of the sink. I did a lot of reading about it before agreeing to it, and while some do think it's a bad idea, I couldn't find any definitive evidence that it was and you can find plenty of threads like this where people have done it and are happy.

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The only seam in my counter is at the sink. It's short, well done (my quartz has a mottled pattern that doesn't need to be matched), smooth and only a few inches long. About every 6 months I take 20 seconds and touch it up with a black Sharpie. Beautiful.

When I was first told by my KD, and later confirmed by my fabricator, that the seam would be right smack dab in the middle of my sink, I was adamant that it not go there, but I got over it once the counter was installed. Even though my seam was well done, putting a full-width seam anywhere else would have been stupid for me. And we're seeing plenty of GWers who are having unfortunate seams marring their beautiful counters.

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We have a seam in the middle of our farmhouse sink. It is only a few inches long and barely noticeable. The only problem that they ran into with that seam was that the pieces were from two bookmatched slabs but they had noticeably different thicknesses. They had to grind the thicker side down to blend it into the thinner side. You cannot tell now that there was such a problem. The only other seam that we have (at the corner of the counter) is much more noticeable as it is longer and since our granite has a lot of movement to it.

Anyways, while we had input on seam placement, I think that ultimately, the fabricator should be the one to decide. That should be based on experience, the slab itself (little movement vs. lots of movement), how many pieces need to be cut from that slab, keeping the grain flowing all in the same direction, not too long for transport, etc.

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