steel gray granite with both painted and stained cabs?

autumn.4August 1, 2013

We are going with painted (white) cabinets for the perimeter cabinets and a stained alder in sort of a chestnut color for the island. I'd like to stick with one granite/quartz countertop but there isn't a lot in our price range Anyone have any opinions on steel gray over both? I think it looks more than fine for the white but I am unsure over the stained island. We have a sample of the steel gray honed and I think I liked that even better but not sure GRAY goes well with BROWN.

Dh thinks we should do honed on the perimeter and polished on the island - any thoughts on that?

Opinions? First hand experience?



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I have steel gray in my bathroom. I'm not sure what your steel gray looks like as the new stones I've seen look very different then mine.

Here is a pic with my maple cabinet with a rouge stain.


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Thanks debrak! That does help and it does look similar to my sample. I love GW. I googled for steel gray and didn't find much.

What do you think about mixing honed with polished?

Do you like your steel gray? Any issues with it?

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Hi Autumn4

Its nice to hear someone else using Steel Gray! It is by far the most affordable of anything that I've been interested in, and as the reno has started and added costs are adding up, I think Im going to go through with it and place my order soon.

I personally really like the leathered finish, but I'm not huge on the polished finish, but polished dark granites just happen to not appeal to me.

But I've always liked the leathered sample I have and haven't understood why I haven't seen or heard more of it...maybe we'll start a hot trend?!

Also, I too have white perimeter and a dark (coffee stained cherry) island. I'm pretty sure I will be trying to find a remnant (my island is small 24x53) of a lighter stone, possibly marble, for my island. I don't think I want to put it everywhere, but I have a lot of counterspace (80 sq ft), I just think that's a lot of dark granite, for me.

I don't know about the honed on the perimeter & polished on the island...? Is there a reason to stick with one stone?
Heres a picture of it installed at my fabricator's shop.

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We love our steel gray aka silver pearl. I don't really know it was sealed or not, but I don't think it needs to be. The rd/fabricator was vague about it and we picked it up and installed it ourselves.

We considered it for our kitchen but any yards we went to (eight) either didn't carry it anymore or it looked very different (bad). So I'm glad your are able to get it.

The honed looks good in the photo above. I doubt you will find much into on it. Since it is a blackish stone I would think some of the issues (if any) people have with honed AB and other blackish stones would apply. I think people have mentioned finger prints on the honed? I'm not sure but you could ask for info on dark honed granites and see what people say.

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Sorry for the delay - still in housing limbo and now at my parents for the weekend with wifi. :)

homebuyer-yes that is what my honed sample looks like and I do prefer the more gray look - not as dark.

I am inclined to stick with one stone because all of the ones I like for the island are WAY out of our price range - ugh. It seems I have expensive taste and our island will be about 8 1/2 to 9 foot long. :P

I was also concerned about doing 2 different cabs AND 2 different counters - too busy? I do like the look of wood or walnut for a counter but I am too chicken to do that. Our only sink will be in the island.

debrak-I have seen a few slabs of it out our way and I do like it. I wonder when the name changed to steel gray from silver pearl.

I went to the stone yard looking to see 'jet mist' in person and they had no idea what I was talking about - darn regional names! I have touched the samples quite a bit and they don't seem too bad as far as fingerprinting is concerned. I have polished uba tuba now and don't find it to be too high maintenance but prints do show.

Here are the 2 samples I have - they are riding around in my trunk right now along with our luggage, etc.

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Oh I love those samples! From my understanding the name didn't change its just known as both. Just like my kitchen granite. Where I got it, it was named white diamond. An almost identical slab at home depot was called bianco antico.

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I'm not sure I should stick my nose in about your cabinet choices, but I'm a bit concerned about your choice of alder for the island. I know it's much softer than maple and cherry on the Janka scale. I remember a thread about using alder for islands, and it wasn't recommended, especially if there will be seating. I love the look of dark-stained alder and considered it for a vanity, but in the end, we bought cherry with a caffe stain. My kitchen is cherry and a year old, but I'm starting to see a few dings in the doors. My thought was I'm glad I didn't get alder for my vanity.

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Mayflowers-please do! I appreciate you mentioning it as it's not something I thought about. Yes-seating at the island. I will definitely try to find that thread on alder and islands.

Thank you!

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