Your favorite grey paint colors

autiemomDecember 3, 2012

Hi, I am looking for some great greys to paint my bathroom. I am looking for something soothing, spa like. There are SO many greys, I don't want to blow the budget all on paint samples! If you have a favorite grey, I would love to hear what it is! I know greys are really tempermental, so I am just looking for a place to start. Thanks!

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I'm with you. Seem to have a difficult time getting a response, but I'm probably in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Philly Kevin on the 2012 xmas decor thread has a wonderful example of a nice grey room, I'd love to know the name of that color!

Sorry my response doesn't have more to offer, but I'll be following this thread.

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My designer friend calls my house "Fifty Shades of Grey"! I have an open concept home, and in order to keep the flow, I painted it all the same colour.

We chose Benjamin Moore Silver Half Dollar (2121-40) for our walls (and some ceilings!) and Iced Cube Silver (2121-50) for our trim, doors and most ceilings.

We have more windows than walls, so the lighting through out the day and night impact the colour so much. It is truly a mercurial colour. Love it!

My advice is to first decide cool or warm, then choose the understone that would make you content when in the room. I love blue undertones and cool colours - which made my choices perfect for me.

I would also recommend you check the colour in your space during all times of day and night, with natural and indoor lighting.

Good luck.

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Revere Pewter is my favorite. It's what I have in my master bed/bath.

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The bathroom is off of my bedroom which is painted Guilford Green (BM). I love that color, it is so soothing. My bedding is Pottery Barn Sienna Paisley (see link) or will hopefully be if Santa brings it! :) I am looking for grey because it is neutral, will flow the GG, I hope and will also work with the bedding. I definitely want grey (after dinking around with lots of other colors).

Here is a link that might be useful: Sienna Paisley Bedding

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I have recently found that grays-- and most neutrals, are tough. You really need to "try them on" and check them at different times of day. As Boer noted, many grays and neutrals are mercurial.. chameleons! That's what makes them so lovely.. and also so tricky to get right.

I am mid way through the process of choosing a gray paint myself. I think Boer's suggestions are wise.. figure out what kind of gray you want. Do you want an undertone? (I want to lean green.. but many prefer leaning blue) Do you want a silvery wisp or a dramatic bold gray?

First round, I used recommendations from this board (try the search -- there are many threads on gray/grey), wall colors identified on Houzz and hour and hours of searching google images by paint name. I narrowed it down to a small list and was pretty confident one of my 4 colors would be a winner. Nope. None.. and not only that, in my home, the ones that leaned green in other people's houses leaned blue in mine. None of them rocked the room.

I am about to go for round two. Based on my previous samples, I've gone a step darker on one color and I've added 4 new ones (one of which is Revere Pewter). I am crossing fingers that one of these work.

Hope you select your color faster than I have.. Definitely check out the photos on this site and houzz. They'll help you narrow in one what you like and what will give you the look your are going for.

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I just posted what my colors are with photographs on the canopy or no canopy thread. I'm not doing that all again!

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Yea, I know that I am going to have to try them on. It's just that I have had some really great luck with colors on this board, some of the colors you guys love I love in my house too! My thought is that if I try some favorites it will help me find some direction. So any great greys would be appreciated.

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autiemom, I understand what you are saying. I look at all the greys on a paint deck, and my brain goes crazy, so I always like a starting point.

Kevin, I didn't see that thread. I will check it out.

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Actually, now that you can edit posts, you can also go into an old post and copy the entire post so you don't have to rewrite and paste all of the picture links. So here it is. Sorry about the extra that you don't need:

Someone asked for my dining room wall color. It's Pratt and Lambert Accolade Velvet Finish in Wythe House Gray (really a steel blue in person)--an historic Williamsburg color. The ceiling is inexpensive ceiling pant from Lowes that I had tinted light blue. The trim is an antique white I had color matched to existing trim by Benjamin Moore (it's BM Advance Alkyd, which creates a high, almost oil-based sheen but with latex).

Here's a better picture of the living room colors:

And the kitchen:


If you were wondering, the living room is Benjamin Moore Aura Matte in Phillipsburg Blue, the upstairs bedrooms and landing are Pratt & Lambert Accolade Velvet Finish in Weatherburn Tavern Bisque--another historic Williamsburg color. The bathroom and kitchen are both Benjamin Moore Aura Bath/Spa (a mildew resistant paint) in Matte finish in Mt. Saint Anne. The bathroom trim is Benjamin Moore Aura Bath/Spa in Matte finish in Dove White/White Dove (whatever it is). The kitchen trim was color matched by Sherwin Williams to the cabinet color, but it's MAB Luxe Low Lustre, which is the perfect sheen to match the cabinets and took forever to find.

The front door is Pratt & Lambert Accolade High Gloss in Velvet Red (believe it or not, I went though several reds and hated them all until this one, especially the Benjamin Moore ones). The exterior trim/shutters/windows are all Benjamin Moore Aura Semigloss in Jet Black. You already have pictures of those colors.

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i have found the greys are trickier than most people think. I would definitely follow the adivce given and try them on your wall and against your bedding.

I painted my master bed/bath RH Silver Sage and found it appeared more green than grey/blue. I didn't like my bedding with it. In the master bath, it was beautiful with white marble and some rose. It appeared more blue in the bathroom. The difference between the two rooms was my oak wood floors in the bedroom and the light. The bathroom was very sunny and white. The same paint appeared bluish.

I have found some of the greys do not work well with certain woods. If you have wood floors or furniture, check your paint sample against it.

I used BM Grey Shark in my guest room and it looked too blue. I diluted it and loved it. I don't remember the dilution.

I have also used BM Silver Mist in the master (new house) with the same furniture as above, and it works perfectly. Again, I diluted it but don't remember how much. I think 60%, but not positive.

The color of your furniture, the floors and the lighting all play together. You really need to get some samples if possible.


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I too hoped to find the "perfect" grey and I'm still searching. I chose BM Taos Taupe and BM Stone Harbor for my open concept house. I love them in the south and east parts of the house, but Stone Harbor is cold and blue in my north facing kitchen. Not the look I want. Right now, when it's dark outside, it looks great. Frustrating! I'm now searching for a grey with green undertones to go in the kitchen and that will work well with the TT and SH.

The same floor, same light bulbs, ceiling height, furniture tones, etc are all there, it's simply the difference between the south light and the north light.

Good luck!

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Kevin, what's interesting to me is that I love these kitchen cabinets and yet I can look at other kitchens and I think the "white" cabinets look awful.

The key here is that your cabinets aren't a hospital white, more a creamy warmer white I'm "guessing" similar to BM Linen White for example (I really have no other whites offhand to compare to) which is much softer and easier on the eye, and it makes a huge difference when paired with warmer wall colors.

I commented on another post where the owner didn't like the wall color, but to me it had more to do with the hospital white trim which was practically blinding. It was so white it was brighter than the white toilet - at least from appearances of the photos shared on GW, so it's all relative.

I guess my point, a little off topic, is that whites are just as important as any wall color. There are cools, neutrals and warms and it's important to pair them accordingly.

Love your colors, and the bathroom wainscoting by the way.

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Try BM Coastal Fog - it is a very nice grey with green undertones.
The monitor picture is not an accurate picture of how it looks on
the wall - at least not my monitor picture as compared to how it
looks in our bathroom. We have grey tile with brown and green
undertones in the tile and Coastal Fog looks great with it.

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Thanks everyone. Again, I plan on getting samples and putting them on my wall. Your paint colors are giving me a place to start!

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autiemom, it's good to go get the samples and see them in your space. In my old house Baltic Gray and Nimbus were my favorites. They just never looked right in my new house. In this house I ended up with Gray Owl, it is an off-white color but it reads very warm. I get a lot of comments from people who declare their dislike for gray paint (Tuscan colors are just arriving here, right funkyart?) but they love my wall color.

I know some other people have used Nimbus (not Nimbus Gray) and also love it and have declared it their favorite. So make sure to get a paint chip of that too to check out.


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Be sure to try Behr Dolphin Fin! We've got it in our master bedroom and it is such a soothing, soft, true gray that works in all kinds of lighting. I love it!

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My Office ceiling is painted BM San Antonio Gray:

My DR ceiling is painted Gauntlet Gray - a pic of that room to follow at later date:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest
Benjamin Moore gray swatches, posted by Emily from the “Name 5 Things” blog for a home office test is a great way to see undertones in ten different gray hues. Emily’s choices are: 1.Metro Gray, 2.Stormy Monday, 3.Silver Dollar, 4.Silver Fox, 5.Pigeon Gray, 6.Silver Chain, 7.Smoke Embers, 8.Stonington Gray, 9.Nimbus, 10.Revere Pewter.

Not my room BM Gray Owl:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

BM Grays:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

Not my kitchen Ralph Lauren Mercer:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

And a random inspiration pic that makes me feel warm, relxed and serene at the same time. Have never been able to track down the paint name but it's the overall effect that gets me:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

Oh, and I am working w/ SW Dovetail in a tiny get away room in our home. No pics yet but I used this pic as inspiration for the room. When I used the SW Chip It tool it named Dovetail as a potential wall color. I love it:

Source: via Tiffani on Pinterest

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Hahah Bees, you made me choke on my coffee!! Sadly, it's true about the area. I KNOW my mother bit her lip when she saw my test swipes of grays on the walls.. she'll turn around when I find the right color.

Love the inspiration photos, Foxespad-- but the one I love most is the one you haven't been able to identify, darn it! I just added dovetail to my list to try also.

My two favorites so far were SW Austere Gray and SW Comfort Gray. Unfortunately, they were too light and lean too blue in my space but they are really lovely colors.

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I love that inspiration pic too! That is similar to the shade that I am going for. Gonna start with some SW samples because they are on sale right now! :) Thanks to everybody!

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Are we still poking fun at people who happen to
Find certain paint combos or colors (ie Tuscan) attractive?

Really. What is this grade school?

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Actually, Dominos, we're having some fun joking about our own local area being very traditional and a beat (or three) behind the trends.. no need to make it more than what it is.

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