Help me with my crown molding dilemma please

Maria33904August 10, 2013

I have to decide about molding by tomorrow and I was hoping you wonderful gardenweb members could tell me what you think.
My kitchen is open to our living room and partly to our dining room. We have a 4" crown molding in both those rooms. However, in the kitchen we decided to run the cabinets close to the ceiling to get more space (it's a small kitchen so every inch counts) so that same 4" crown won't fit. I knew this all along. The plan was so use a smaller crown all around the kitchen, but when I saw it on top of the cabinets I didn't like how the crown molding looked with our shaker doors. So my cabinet maker made a different molding for me that is more square. The question is; should we run the kitchen molding all around the kitchen and connect it to the 4" crown in the corners, or should we only put the kitchen molding over the cabinets and leave the rest of the kitchen wall without any molding at all? No, I can't run the 4" crown up to the cabinets because it would interfere with opening the cabinet doors.
So which option seems the least weird? Having two different moldings in two rooms that are open to each other or have molding all around one room and only partial molding in the other?

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Here is a picture of the other side of the kitchen. As you can see we don't have a lot of wall space without cabinets.

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And this is a picture of the molding we are planning to use in the kitchen.

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Fori is not pleased

I'd put the molding just on the cabinets, as though they were furniture. Then leave the other kitchen walls naked.

I like your cabinet molding!

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I agree with Fori that I would put the molding just on the cabinets to make them look like fine furniture. But the kitchen will look beautiful with whatever you decide to do.

Please post pictures when you are completed and let us know what you decided.

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Thank you Fori and Lynn2006 for your input, I really appreciate your help. My husband wants to just do molding on the cabinets, and one minute I like the idea and the next minute I'm scared the kitchen will look bare and unfinished. Anyone else want to give me their opinion?

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Suggestion, just put the crown on the cabinets and see how that looks. If you don't like the look, then you can add some other crown to the room. Sometimes it's hard to visualize how something is going to look until you see it.

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