Double Stacked Cabinet Questions

luvmygucci8August 5, 2013

Hello GW, I am trying to figure out which height of cabinets combinations would work best for 9'1 ceilings on our new home we are building.

A. 3" crown with 12" upper stacked cabinets and 36" lower cabinets with approx 2 1/4 light valance.

B. 3" crown with 14" upper stacked cabinets and 34" lower cabinets with approx 2 1/4 light valance.

Some of the cabinet doors will be 15" wide and other 19" wide. The uppers will be solid doors and no glass. The height distance between the counter and bottom of valance must be 18" due to code.

C. Right now I have 3" crown with 14" upper stacked cabinets and 36 lower cabinets with approx 2 1/4 light valance in our current home and love the way they look but it leaves me only 16" between counter and valance. I'm also almost tempted to just do what I have now and add the valance after we move in which the cabinet designer says people do.

I'm worried if I do the 12" that it will look too short and rectangular on the 19" wide cabinets. Choice A is keeping more with the 1/3 stacked rules I've seen on line..... Hmmm? I am so conflicted.

Would love to have some input or any advice, pictures would be wonderful too, thanks very much!

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Sophie Wheeler

The 2/3 1/3 rule would have 36" cabinets have 18" cabinets on top. And you never want a light rail that thick if it's got to be above the 18" clearance. Typically, the bottom of the cabinet is 18" above the counter, and the light rail takes the clearance down to 17" to 16 1/2".

With 9'1" ceilings, what I'd personally do would be 33"+ 15" (with the bottom alignment at 54") plus a stacked 7" molding for the rest of the height. And put on the light rail after inspection. As long as your hood is wider than the cooktop it covers by at least 6", it's not a fire hazard at all.

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Thank you hollysprings for all your help and suggestions. Having everything above the 18" including the valance is what's really throwing it all off for me.

The annoying part is the builder has 39" cabinets standard and if I reduce their height I don't receive any credit, and if I increase the stacked uppers height from 12" to even by an inch I pay more even though in reality its the same amount of wood on the wall. Frustrating. Lol.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the custom wood hood, I now have a 30" range and the wood hood is 37" wide, in the new build I have a 36" range and she has a 39" wide wood hood in the plans. So that's not giving the 3" clearance on each side, is that correct?
I'm also going to get KD to do a perspective of your suggestion and see how that looks.

Here are the codes it all needs to follow and I'm wondering also if I keep the bottom of cabinets at 54" if I can still add the under cabinet lighting before inspection and add the light valance after. I'm going to call the cabinet designer tomorrow as well as the builder.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clearance codes

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