Covered saucepans

oldbat2beAugust 19, 2012

Maybe I'm overthinking this. I use a Revere Ware 2 qt. covered saucepan all the time. Finally thought tonight that hey, I should get a second one in the same size and a 3 quart one too, and maybe....

I feel dumb even posing the question (because the one I have has served me well for ?? perhaps a decade or two) but should I consider alternatives to what I have? This one doesn't seem to have copper on the bottom but that rings a bell. Maybe I do have another somewhere....

Please tell me about your favorite covered saucepans, and why you like them.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I had to switch when I got induction, so I went with emeril, and I'm happy. I like the see thru lids and the built in strainer in the lid for draining pasta and such and they aren't too noisy.

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See other post - I have an eclectic collection but my new induction does best with Staub, although I am use my CIA also (and a few others...)
I also prefer the see through lids - but not all of mine have that feature.

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Thanks anniedeighnaugh (annie - how on earth does one pronounce your name?!!) and a2gemini. I'd never even thought of see-through lids, what a concept. OK next question....

Recommendations for non-induction saucepans with see-through lids?

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I use Calphalon pots when I cook and Emile Henry when I bake. My Calphalon lids are glass and they hold up well to my one and only 15k BTU burner on my gas range. (the rest are around 9k or so) LOL. I like being able to see how things are coming along but I do wish the handles remained a tad cooler. Hope this helped! :)

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I have been saucepan-shopping since getting my new induction stove. Most of the pots I tried seemed too heavy and uncomfortable for me (which is funny since all my skillets are cast iron and I bought two more of them to celebrate the new range). I have been using Farberware for ages and found that the new Farberware Classic is indeed induction compatible, so for now at least I am going to get a few of those since the handle is comfortable for me (it's shorter than most others). I have bought one pot so far and it has a glass lid, which is indeed handy -- though I do like solid lids too because there is no seam to get gunky and they won't break if the kids drop them. Also the new Farberware Classic line has straining pots, which I really want.

I looked at Emerilware. It is pretty and wasn't too uncomfortable for me, but -- and this is ridiculously petty -- I didn't like his name being on the pan where you can see it while you cook. I mean, I have never even seen his show. Silly, I know. But it does have see-through lids and the straining saucepans (the 2-qt one is more of a saute pan, wide and shallow) so it is worth a look. Also check TJ Maxx; they had some beautiful pans there when I went. (But be warned -- I brought home a Chantal that was gorgeous, but the lid handle got hot after 20 min of simmering water -- not burn your fingers hot but enough for me to send it back. This pot was made in China so probably quite different than the German-made Chantal.)

All of which is to say -- I think it is a VERY personal decision and what works well for other people might not suit you. (How many other people would walk past the Calphalon and Cuisinart and choose Farberware, like I did? And it wasn't a money decision.) Think about things like riveted vs welded handles, too. (The Emeril has rivets and I prefer welded, which was a much more sensible reason for me not to choose it. I think rivets are said to be stronger, but the welded handles on our Farberware and Revere are still sturdy after 2-3 decades of use, and I have used beach house cookware with rattly riveted handles -- it just depends on the build quality.)

This is too long, but one last point. Induction-compatible cookware is just cookware that happens to hold a magnet, so you don't have to look for non-induction cookware. Saucepans that work great on induction will work great on any cooktop. Have fun with the hunt!

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We just got some all clad for Christmas to go with the induction range. They have a very nice sauce pan, it has a curve in the corner that works perfectly with a whisk or spoon to stir.

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I am always astonished at the quality of my Tramontinia Triply cookware that I bought at Walmart. Please don't have a knee-jerk reaction at the Walmart name. Tramontina Triply is amazingly good cookware. I have All-Clad too, and the Tramontina is equal in quality, and actually better ergonomically (at least for me) because I find the All-Clad handles very uncomfortable. I have the Tramontina Triply 4-qt and 3-quart saucepans, but I tend to use the 3-quart much more frequently, as the 4-qt. seems too big. When I do need a bigger pan, I pull out my 5-quart LeCreuset, so the 4-qt. saucepan just doesn't get much use. My 3-quart is used almost every day, and I am thinking about buying the 1-1/2 quart Tramontina Triply saucepan too, for re-heating a little soup and that kind of thing. Also, it cleans up beautifully with Barkeepers Friend; I've had mine several years and they still gleam.

The price can't be beat, and Walmart has a great return policy too. You typically can't find the Tramontina Triply in the store; you order it online and they will ship to your nearest store for free. If you don't like it, the return is easy.

Make sure though that you are getting the Tramontina Triply. The Tramontina without "Triply" in the name isn't that good. It's like night and day.

A note just regarding the earlier mention of glass lids - I myself do not like them (sorry). I find the glass steams up almost immediately, so you can't see in the pot anyway, and you have the further concern of the glass breaking. I prefer stainless steel lids. Just MHO.

Tramontina Triply 3-qt. Saucepan

Tramontina Triply 1-1/2 qt. Saucepan

Tramontina Triply 4-qt. Saucepan

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For non stick, I liked scan pan, and 3qt anolon nouvelle copper everyday pan. I liked the two ears on the anolon instead of the longer handle. Also check IKEA induction cookware. I have really liked these.

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Another vote for Tramontina Triply-clad. I have the Tramontina Triply-Clad 5-qt. dutch oven, and can attest to its quality. Heavy-duty stainless steel, beautiful shine, even heating, no hot spots, lid fits tightly. I learned about Tramontina Triply from two places, the Gardenweb (the Cooking Forum and the Kitchens Forum) and Cook's Illustrated Magazine. My budget is tight for cookware, and I could not see spending several hundred for All Clad when the Tramontina got such glowing reviews for a fraction of the cost. I am very happy with it.

I've seen Tramontina non-Triply at Tuesday Morning and Home Goods and it is thin and light, not like the Triply, so be careful of that. I have my eye on the Tramontina Triply 12-qt. stockpot. From what I've read, the All-Clad stockpot is only triply around the bottom and a few inches up the sides. The Tramontina is triply all the way up the sides. I would finally be able to make chicken soup, meatballs for a crowd, etc. without having the food sloshing over the side. I am only hesitating cause I don't know where I'll store it! (someone here, please talk me into it, or out of it!)

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Annie Deighnaugh

oldbat2be, my name is very easy to pronounce, if you put on your pun cap....
Any Day Now!

Yes emeril will work on regular stoves as well as induction....funny, I never noticed his name on it! One thing I do miss with his cookware though is the lid handles aren't insulated so I do have to reach for a pot holder if the pots been cooking for awhile.... but the see thru lid more than makes up for it...esp with induction as it heats so darn fast that things are apt to boil over if not watched and while I was learning how to cook with it, seeing what temp was needed to keep the rice simmering, etc. was excellent.

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The Cuisinart tri-ply from Costco gets very good reviews on chowhound and egourmet. They are $199 for a 12 piece set. I have seen a mfg rebate on them before, I think it was $50 off. We had already bought our Cuisinart set from Sam's and used it before I saw the ones at Costco. The Sam's Club Cuisinart is not tri-ply, but I think it is a 14 piece set and it was less expensive. Don't remember what we paid though.

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Debbi Branka

I have Princess House stainless steel (I don't like non-stick, but they have those now). They have glass lids, which I love. I started with my first Princess House pans about 15 years ago and have added to my collection. That's all I use now. They are beautiful! I have used Calphalon, Magnalite and Revereware in the past. Like my Princess House the best!

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they aren't too noisy

Annie, what? :)

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Elraes Miller

Annie, I went with Emerel too. They are okay, but wished I had kept my mom's set. The glass covers are an issue. Emerel has a recall with money back due to lids exploding. I haven't replaced them yet, not sure what to go with.

Ot, but have always wanted to suggest that anything you buy should be checked out on the gov recall site. Amazing the amount of appliances there, among other items we use on a daily basis. Remember to keep all of your receipts. And be weary of buying second hand...which is also illegal if someone is selling a recalled item.

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Thanks all. AnnieDeighnaugh - love your aide-memoire!

ShedTheChrysalis - do you find your calphalon clear lids steam up?

northcarolina - I understand your reaction to having Emeril's name on cookware... I refuse to buy any Barefoot Contessa cookbooks on the same grounds :) (Have I watched either show or chef? No... ) Thanks for educating me on use of induction pans (I know very little about the subject).

angela12345 - I will look into the Cuisinart triply; I have lots of other Cuisinart pots and pans (no idea if triply or not).

shannonplus,alwaysfixin - I've read other good things about the Tramontina Triply

deb52899 - I will look into these, thanks for the heads up on the clear lids.

technicolor - good point about checking on the gov recall site. I would never have thought to do this.

I have realized belatedly that there is one more factor I need to include. I have switched to gas with our remodel and definitely have noticed an issue with sides overheating on our CC. It looks like triply will work better for me, with gas heat... and perhaps I need to use a larger pot/pan than I'm used to.

For those of you with gas, what do you prefer to use?

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This probably won't help you decide what to buy to replace your old revere pans (which are backups to the ones I usually use), but here are my sauce pans of choice:
I use 30 or 40 year old Revere copper sauce pans. I know the copper isn't really thick enough to do much good, but I love them. They never get polished, so have a nice, worn patina. I have one good Mauviel sauce pan that I love and probably use most often.

Their appearance probably makes most cooks twitch to polish them, but I like 'em like this.


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Oldbat (ooh, I feel bad calling you that) - in answer to your question, I have gas, and the Tramontina Triply performs fine. The ol' standby, Barkeepers Friend works well to clean. I also have a nonstick Cuisinart saucepan that I use almost exclusively for rice and which has a glass lid. It performs great and is well made.

I am indifferent as to whether the lid is glass or not, since I have both. The glass does steam over almost immediately so it doesn't help to see the food in the pan. But the glass lid performs fine as a lid. Some glass lids though come with a steam hole built in so avoid those as you'll never have a tight seal.

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@Linelle sometimes there can be a humming sound caused from certain types of metal reacting to the induction.

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Hi again Oldbat! It really feels odd calling you that... lol. My calphalon does get condensation under the lids - water droplets, not so much steam. I can still see what's in the pot but I don't see how it could be avoided since the nature of cooking takes moisture out of food and with a lid on, the moisture has to go somewhere.?? I also have a farberware pot that I use if I need an extra sauce pot and it has a metal lid which collects moisture under the lid, just an FYI.

Honestly, the way I discovered calphalon was at Goodwill, as odd as that sounds. My Mom loves thrift store shopping and one day she bought me one that somebody had donated - a brand new, in a box, Calphalon saucepan. I was maybe 19 years old and needed pots so used it and love it. I still have it to this day - many, many years later. I love how evenly it cooks food and I love heavy, solid pots. What do you prefer? You could always buy a few pots from different manufacturers to see what works for you. Costco was suggested above and they have a phenomenal return policy. Not sure about Wal-mart (can't stand that store), but it looks like there are a few that like those pots.

Oh... I also have to hand wash my pots. I'm not sure if that matters to you or not but the manufacturer recommends no dishwasher. Good luck!

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Does ANYBODY put their pots through a DW? I'd love to find some that said that was all right.

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Nah, I don't put the pots through but my sil does and all's well. I think it depends mightily on your specific DW. These days some are very gentle. I'm not actually really certain why you weren't *supposed* to put them through a DW! Just received "wisdom", unreflected.

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Demeyere encourages putting their pots/pans in the dishwasher.
I have them and love them, but they are very pricey.

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I'll occasionally put lids in the DW, but pots just don't come clean. And they take up so much space, so it is faster and easier to wash them by hand and save the space for plates, etc. But my fav pans are cast iron and carbon steel, and DW cleaning will destroy their seasoning. I've had non-stick in the past and DW'ing kills the non-stick (not that it lasts long anyway). So, pots and pans get washed by hand, and easy stuff like dishware, glasses & cutlery get the DW treatment.

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Oh, my gosh, all my pots but the cast iron get a quick scrub (if needed) and into the dishwasher--if I get them there before my DH hand washes. We have an ongoing argument whether dirty pots get stored out of sight in the dishwasher or left out for him to wash. (After 40 years of marriage. now that he's retired I'm coming to realize what a comfy old-fashioned housewife he would have made. Even if I am still the only one who'll actually polish them.)

In any case, I have an eclectic collection of good stuff over decades, including several All-Clad and a few odd pieces of other brands still around these days. I specifically scoured off the inner lining of a Caphalon pot of a size I bought because it was on sale and I liked the shape. I don't babysit any cookware. Too many alternatives out there.

All-Clad is great, and the ones I have will last forever, but I bought it when it was the only thing like it available in my market. I'd never pay that price for just a brand name. It does have solid metal lids that will last as long as the pots, which I like, and imagine my daughter or maybe one of her DILs also will some day. Grandma's pots. :) They do NOT stack, though, having straight sides and all the ones in a close volume range having the same base diameter (they just get taller).

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Love my all clad LTD. Also could not live without the Tramontina Triply 12-qt. stockpot--which I do put in the Dishwasher. The all clad is washed by hand, but is easy to clean.

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Circus Peanut

If you're used to the lighter weight of Revereware, you might really like the Chantal enameled steel saucepans, which are sturdy without being wrist-breaking. I have two that we use regularly and really like.

Make sure to find the ones made in Germany -- I can't find them online, they may have stopped making them? They still make the more expensive copper fusion line in Germany, and those might be even better than the regular ones I use.

Here is a link that might be useful: Chantal enamel on steel

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My rule is EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher !! LOL. Including our china and crystal. The china is Lennox Vintage Jewel - platinum rim is DW safe. The crystal is Mikasa Park Lane, not very expensive per piece (as crystal goes), even though we have never had a piece damaged, we wouldn't worry about it too much at that price.

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My wedding cookware from the 1970s--which I am still using--is Club Aluminum. I love it, it cleans up nicely. I also have a few pieces of the old Guardian Service aluminum line that I inherited from my mom and aunt and use from time to time. Although it could go in the dishwasher, I tend to wash it by hand (to preserve the Bakelite handles).

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Annie Deighnaugh

Technicolor, I haven't seen nor heard anything about a recall on Emeril cookware. They are made by the same company as All Clad.

If you have any more info, please share. I looked on the internet and didn't see anything there....

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Annie - it was Circulon pans that had the recall for glass lids that shattered. Also the recall included some Le Creuset SS pans made by Circulon which Le Creuset sold as re-badged Le Creuset.

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FWI The $199 Costco Cuisinart triply set is beautiful, but is not 18/10 stainless. I couldn't figure out what it was. I returned that set and plan to seek out the Tramontina - which I understand is still 18/10.

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Thanks to all for the advice and suggestions. The winner has already arrived and I love the heft (hmm wondering how my wrists will hold up when these are full...?). Arrived back at the house this afternoon and saw a big stack of boxes.... Tramontina, I said to the kids, now why does that sound so familiar?

Ignore the peeling backsplash; had a dreadful installer. Half the tiles are poorly cut and the rest poorly laid. (Joke, these are still my paper photocopies).

Unfortunately, last night (it's been an expensive week), I unpacked another purchase which is proving to be hands down my favorite kitchen appliance/tool (and a close match to my favorite KK faucet). Will I ever really use these saucepans now?

I'm keeping a running list of the times we use this. One day, I'll be thrilled at the cost per use:) 7 times in the past 24 hours; had my first green smoothie and LOVED it (unfortunately, no one else did but that's ok, froze the leftovers for future use!!). Baked potato soup, frozen bananas foster, salsa, lots of smoothies too.

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Those are seriously gorgeous pots and pans. Enjoy your new goodies!

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The pans are gorgeous ! So you ordered them from Walmart on line ? Please do post back with a review after you have used them for a variety of things. I guess they are like all SS pans in that you preheat them very well before adding oil etc to them to prevent sticking...I am anxious to hear how you like them. c

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Elraes Miller

Annie, you are, I'm wrong and misspelled Emeril. It is Wolfgang Puck with exploding lids. Although no recall, but wherever it was bought will return the cost. At least Sam's will. I couldn't remember where I heard this, but a search again helped. All Clad does produce their own, but imports Emeril from China. There is a lot of info on glass lids from China being a problem. And it may be due to poor QA which causes an unknown experience.

Alwayfixin...thanks for the links. Keeps me on track.

I'm just edgy about using the glass lids. Thanks to both of you.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW thread

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Your Vitamix matches your cooktop. :) Beautiful pans, and I enjoyed my first green smoothie in my Vitamix too! Sounds like you are having lots of fun with it (so are we).

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Oldbat2b - that set looks fabulous! Did you get the 8-piece set or the 10-piece set? Congratulations on your new arrival. I love my Tramontina Triply. (Tip - whenever I've had any rainbow-color stainless staining, the Bar Keepers Friend takes care of it).

Technicolor - I had pointed out that the Circulon cookware glass lids had a recall, and some Le Creuset stainless cookware had a recall also. I didn't realize Wolfgang Puck's glass lids had a problem too. I have a saucepan with a glass lid (not one of those brands though), and it has been fine. But I think that any of my future purchases of cookware I will go for stainless lids and avoid the whole issue.

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I want a Vitamix!! Maybe I will check Craig's list - might have snagged a KA mixer - if it works out!

BTW - I put most everything in the DW - including my Waterford which I picked up in Ireland!!
I figure safer than me trying to clean!!

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