Pictures of properly installed farm sink counter top

beachbumAugust 22, 2008

I remember some time back there being an intense discussion about the "right" way that the countertop should be around a farm sink.

At the time I was so far away from dealing with those types of details that I didn't make notes or clip the pictures.

Anyone want to recap / share pictures for me?

FWIW, my sink and columns will not bump out at all.


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Look at Attic Mag's Kitchens We Love in the Sink section. She has a variety of installation pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sinks - Kitchens We Love

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Here's mine with granite. We did a slight negative reveal to show off the sink.

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I think you're looking for acountryfarm's pix -- I've praised hers as the definitive How To Do It Right.

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I wouldn't say there is a Right Way, or a Wrong Way (barring incompetence, of course!).

But you need to decide:

1. undermount vs upmount (undermount is far more common).

2. How proud (forward) will it sit (i.e. hang off the cabinet).

3. What reveal? Positive reveal (some of the lip showing, as in the photo above), neutral reveal (counter edge lines up with sink), or negative reveal (counter overhangs sink). GW'ers have different opinions here on which reveal looks best and works best for them.

4. Finally, there is the caulk. What color?

Here are my personal biases: undermount (easier to sweep stuff into sink, and protects top rim of sink from getting damaged), very slight negative reveal--about a sixteenth (I just like the look of this--sink is sort of nestled in, and you don't see the caulk. I just don't like caulk). Sitting proud a couple inches. Clear caulk--less visible than white.

Again, those are just my opinions. The "proud" issue was the only one I kept waffling on. I kept schooching the sink forward and backward for several days to decide exactly where I wanted it. Oh--almost forgot! Related to the "proud issue" is how you want the counter to sit on the front edge of the sink. I obsessed about that one for WEEKS. But I'm very obsessive... I'll provide some pictures and commentary, and you can shake your head over how obsessive I am!

Here are some of my photos after installation. Note: the caulk looks white b/c it was fresh. It turned clear, and is invisible.

In this photo, you can see how the negative reveal looks. Also, this is where I fussed over the alignment of the front edge of the counter with the lip of the sink. I ended up having the counter line up with the inner lip line of the sink. This is a common positioning, but I tried pulling the sink farther forward as well. I also tried pusing the sink back toward the wall more, because one might have less of a "gunk catcher" on the corner of the counter.

Here you see white caulk, which is now clear, and just looks like it isn't even there (just a dark "line" that looks like a tight gap):

It sits proud about 2.5 inches, and is shimmed up about 1/4 on the left side, because the front lip was very slanted. As a result, the sink doesn't drain! But oh well. I chose form over function!

Trying to figure out how proud to make her. You can see my crayon lines on the sink. The photo is very proud. I ended up opting for that first line that you see.:

Trying to figure out where the counter should line up, along with how proud to make her (connected issues):

Hey--get outa my sink!

Hope that helps a bit!



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y'see? ask a perfectly good question and you get about 10x more information than you ever thought there could even possibly be on a subject! gotta love this forum.

i've installed three farm sinks and never even heard of 'proud' or considered how far i wanted the front to stick out. learn something new every day in here.

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Only if you ask detail-obsessed maniacs/neurotics like me!!!



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Here are my sinks. Hope it helps.

Bluekit -- thanks for the compliments.

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