Heavy duty drawer slides (150 lbs, 200 lbs etc.)

lalitharAugust 15, 2012

Thanks to GW, we are doing all drawer base cabs and I knew enough to ask for heavy duty drawer slides. I have some questions on which drawers to ask this for.

1) are there any drawer slides which have soft close and are heavy duty rated? My cab guys says that the heavy duty glides are not soft close.

2) how did you decide which drawers need them and what weight rating did you select? 3 of my lowest drawers are 10" deep and 37 inches wide. I want to store pots and pans (cast iron, Le Creuset etc.) also heavy pantry items (grains, flour, beans) and dishes (plates, owls etc..). Do I need 150lbs rated slides or should I go higher? Please note that I do not have a separate pantry.

3) I also have 6 3/4 drawers above these that will have pretty much the same category of things. Should I do heavy duty slides for these too? The slides about $100 per drawer.. So I want to make sure I get this right but do not go overkill.


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1) I have heavy-duty Blum glides that are soft close. If you want/need me to, I can dig out the model numbers.

2) I put them only on my 40" drawers. As it happens, I don't really store anything that heavy in those!

3) I doubt you will get that much weight in it.

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Blum has soft close runners, rated at 150 pounds static load.
They cost about double what the standard ones cost (about $45 per set vs. $23).

I'm using them on 6 of my drawers. Maybe the bottom ones, which are going to store pans/pots/cast iron, needed heavy duty, maybe not. In my case, I have 27" deep drawers, and Blum doesn't make the standard runners for over 21" depth, only heavy duty.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blum HD soft close 21

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You might gather up all the heavy things you can fit in one drawer, and weigh them. The amount you can fit may not add up quite as much as you think, or maybe it is more. I personally would go for the 150# rather than 100# rated runners, if your stuff adds up to more than 70-75#.

Each brand of drawer hardware has to be routed/installed a bit differently. If your cabinet guy isn't used to Blum, he may prefer to stick with his brand, or it may cost you a bit more for him to set up to install a new (to him) brand.

My guy does Blum, but wasn't aware of the 27" deep hardware until I gave him the spec sheet -- not sure if he knew 1st hand about the HD runners.

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If you have smaller kids, and they are like I was, don't forget to add their weight to the drawer as they use it to climb up to the counter ;)

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...and don't forget to add the weight of the drawer itself. With large drawers that's not trivial even just plain empty.

I have heavy duty glides on really large drawers and some not-so-large that have cast iron in them. Wow do those get heavy fast. Those drawers are just 30% full I'd say, but fairly obviously approaching some weight limit. I guess I don't know that, but you can tell these are hefty hunks of mass you're rolling in and out.

I'd say if you have LC pans, they should definitely go in heavy-duty glide-drawers. I have them on smaller drawers too next to my range that hold LC 2Q pots. The weight adds up fast. It seems like a comparatively trivial investment to keep all safe and sound to me.

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My blum ones are 150# rated on the bottom big drawers and are soft close.

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You guys are awesome.

Thanks Attofarad. I forgot to mention that my Cabinets are also 28" deep as my counters are 30" deep. I will look into the heavy duty Blum drawers.

Meganmca- I had not thought about kids.. Hmm. My 7 yr old is rather cautious type but other kids visit:)

Aliris -- I didn't figure the weight of the drawers.. I guess you cannot "tare" that. Just checked one the le creuset pans and it is a good 8 lbs.

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Thanks also - I was worried about my 42 inch drawer with all of my porcelain and crockery - I might check into a couple sets of these....

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At 150lbs, you could store you kids in there.

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150lb drawer glides? I almost splurged and bought those. Assumed they would be attached in the back the same as a lighter glide.
Pictured myself pulling out a drawer and standing in it.

Decided I probably didn't need 150lb drawer glides.
Didn't think I'd be able to put 12 cast iron skillets in a drawer anyway.

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Blum makes four types: Tandembox seems to be the one that gets a lot of attention in this forum. But Tandem (which sounds almost the same) may be what your cab guy is thinking about.

i got an extra deep heavy duty Tandembox drawer with soft close. In the end, I didn't need the heavy duty ness. I read above that others also didn't need the heavy duty ness of their drawer glides.

lalitha, your cab guy is playing you, in my opinion. Or, he is not thorough enough (sharp enough?) to know that there are different manufacturers and different lines.


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And make sure the GC puts added screw reinforcement into the cabinet wall! The standard 75 lb glide was fine but the cabinet wall only had one front screw... Yup - avalanche - fortunately, I was right there, caught the drawer and my SIL helped me empty it.
GC just came back and now has many screws in the front edge. Still think I will get the heavy duty version just as a precaution....
KD says even the heavy duty max out at 75lb in full extension. I meet with KD on Thursday for a long term solution.....

Weight of empty drawer = 30lb. Now is that 75 per glide or per set...

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a2gemini- are reinforcement screws different from regular screws? Not sure I understand what to ask for.

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The original install only had one screw in the front with 100lbs of weight on full extension.
My physics says recipe for disaster- so GC added more screws to connect the glide to the cabinet.

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