Taking a 19 gallon plunge into full spectrum paint

clairebuoyant1December 27, 2012

This is scary for me! A big financial commitment into a brand new frontier. We are scheduled with the painters in two weeks and I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger on color with Ellen Kennon. White Opal for the ceiling, Pumice for some walls, a lighter value of Pumice for the rest of the living/dining combo, kitchen, entrance hall and den. Hold my hand, please!

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This gives you an idea of what I'm thinking to break up/add interest to wall space. The outlined areas with yellow scribbled in are the areas I'm considering using the full value Pumice. The far end in the picture has a western exposure,so we have limited light exposure (east and west). I welcome suggestions!

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Hmmm.... didn't show up?

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Okay I'm holding your hand and you've made a great decision. Below is a site that shows your pumice and why it will work so well. I plan to use it in my den when my painter is available. You have lots of light source so you'll really enjoy the full spectrum. The light plays on it so it looks different at certain times of the day and much more appealing.

Here is a link that might be useful: full spectrum pumice

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I know nothing of full spectrum paints......but here's your pic rotated.

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Thanks for the hand holding and the link Yayagal. Our ceilings are 14 ft. tall and the long wall on the right is approx. 45 feet from the entry door to the lanai! A daunting expanse of paint/wall surface. I have ONE shot at this!
Annz..thanks for rotating my scan.
Holding my breath, can't wait to say "aaahhhh".

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I took the 21 gallon plunge about a month ago and I am thrilled. I also went with Ellen Kennon. I used sable, ashen green and buttercream. The colors are perfect for my space. My entryway is sable and gets direct southern light. It's amazing how different the color looks in different areas and times of the day. And buttercream is perfect for my north facing room I had so much trouble with before.
I think you'll be saying Aah very soon!

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Currently, a dead beige.

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I have not used EK Pumice but I have used some of her other colors. They are marvelous and I think you made a wise decision. Pics, please, when it is done.

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It appears you have a lot of natural light in that airy space. The full spectrum paint should be fab in there! I've not used Ellen Kennon, but I have used DKC in two rooms of my home and I absolutely love the effect. Good luck!

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I will post before and after pix. We don't really have that much natural light. The picture is deceiving, in that regard, because I shot it early in the morning from the lanai which has an eastern exposure (and a 12 foot wide triple sliding door) so we have good light until about 11:00 this time of year.

Thanks for the reasurrance!

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We have Pumice in our west facing family room and love it. It has to be the most difficult color to describe. It changes from pale beige to the most subtle pale aqua to a lovely silvery grey as the light changes. We also have it on the ceiling of our office where it takes on the color of the walls, also an EK color, but as a lighter shade.
Pumice works for us exactly as I had hoped, not as a standout color demanding attention but as a very gentle and subtle backdrop.

I hope Pumice works as well for you, Clairbuoyant!

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I am sitting in my pumice study now.

Great color. Drifts between grey, greige, even aqua now because it is snowing outside and that always lends a bluish cast to things.

You won't regret it.

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