A la Jacques and Julia, or a la plastique?

bpathomeAugust 25, 2013

I love watching Jacques and Julia, and that big butcher block they chop away on. I have my plastic or whatever-they-are that I toss in the dishwasher (just fits along the side), but ooh, that butcher block. You can use the whole countertop for chopping! Why do you have or not have one?

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I use several plastic cutting boards from IKEA, the ones that fit on the side of the DW (three cutting boards in each load, one in the back and one on each side).

I like to change my cutting board between each type of food I prep (one for vegetables, one for meat, and so on, to avoid cross-contamination).

I can't picture myself scrubbing and rinsing a butcher block between each type of food, or cleaning a huge surface just to chop a tiny clove of garlic.

Plus, i sometimes prep food on my balcony, or sitting at my kitchen table, or in front of the TV on my sofa, so I like being able to take my cutting boards everywhere.

I am French and buy my cutting boards in a Parisian IKEA if it can add some romance to plastique cutting boards :D .

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I like the idea of butcher block, but also cannot see myself cleaning between food items all the time. We use wood boards as they do not harbor bacteria like plastic ones (even after a DW). But that's a whole other can of worm, and there are several threads about that.

I don't think the patina would bother me once I got past the initial few scratches though. It always looks so nice in other kitchens!

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Barthelemy, a Parisien Ikea absolument makes all the difference--although, I can pretty much guarantee that they have exactly the same stuff we have here. DH and I just stayed in a Swiss apartment done in 99% Ikea. The remaining 1% is a key rack I have myself and I know it's not from Ikea LOL!

Now, I wash off my cutting board inbetween the meat and veggies--actually, I'm lazy and cut the veggies first :) when possible. And in that Swiss apartment, atop the Ikea wood countertops there was a butcher block. Loved it. We didn't cut raw meat on it, and there was housekeeping service so we didn't wash it more than wiping it off. I wonder if I could live like that -- without the housekeeping service :(

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I would love to have a big butcher block for veggies and bread...but I would use a different cutting board for meats.

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I use my antique wood table for all prep, but I do not cut directly on it. I use the thin plastic boards. They do not fit in my DW, though, and I hand wash, but NO BODY has gotten food poisoning yet!!

If someone were going to have a stomach upset, believe me DH would, so I am not worried, and would LOVE to use a real butcher block. We never got sick growing up from the old one in the grocery meat department, either.


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I have a very substantial butcher block cutting board that I use for everything but meat. It gets a quick wipe with a damp paper towel while I prep. Wood cutting boards are much better for your knives.

I have plastic boards that are used for meat only, and they go in the DW on sank wash.

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My new favorite cutting board is a dark gray Epicurean. It blends in nicely with my dark gray quartz, a good thing since I always leave it out. I do everything on a cutting board, even stirring cookie dough. I rinse it off when I'm done or between different kinds of food. If I cut meat on it, it gets a soap and water scrub and/or goes through the DW.

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I love those big wood blocks but the thought of cleaning them doesn't appeal to me. I too use different plastic ones for different type of foods. I am not the type of person who leaves things out either, so putting away a large heavy wooden board would be a bit of a pain. I always wonder about those though....just saw Julie/Julia again and marveled at the many kitchen items and setting!

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