House Plan Review - Particularly the Kitchen!

rubyclaireAugust 20, 2013

Hi, posted this in the building a home forum but it was suggested that I post here as well. Having issues with a small kitchen 10x12 but open to dining room and great room. Want a nice island that can house main sink, dishwasher and seat 3 or 4. Right now the layout has it long and narrow - not what I envision. How can I make the island work in this space - size and alignment to back cabinets.

Thanks in advance! We are newbies and need as much insight as we can
get :)

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More detailed look at the kitchen area.

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What is the distance from the wall counter to the island?

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Can you label the rooms / planned use for whole first floor? Where is dining room? Is that a garage on the top right leading I to a mudroom?

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It doesn't look like there's very much cabinet storage space at all.

I'd be tempted to take some of that pantry space and put a tall cabinet there for an oven and microwave. Then have a cooktop instead of the range. You will end up with storage space above and below the oven/microwave and below the cooktop. You would still end up with a good sized pantry closet.

We did something similar in the remodel that we just completed. We used to have a range with OTR. We like the new layout much better. Separate microwave with trim kit, gives it a built-in look, above a single convection oven. The microwave and oven end up being at better heights for us, especially the microwave since DW is on the short side.

(It is a good thing that I went back through my comments before posting them. I had left the "r" out of pantry. LOL)

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debrak2008 - I believe the distance between the back kitchen wall and the island is 44 inches.

dillyny - I can label the drawings later today and upload, but in the meantime, from the smaller kitchen view the dining room is to the left and the great room is directly in front of the island. The top right shows the laundry, hvac rooms off the garage and hall leading to kitchen area.
Hope that helps you help me :)

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gpraceman - good idea! And also about the pantry :)

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Also, if you do go with a cooktop, putting a drawered cabinet under it is handy. We keep our cooking utensils in the top drawer and pots and pans in the bottom two drawers. The top drawer was made shallower, to make sure there would not be a clearance problem with the cooktop and isn't as deep as the other drawers, to leave space for the gas and electrical connection.

P.S. I would hope that you don't have a panty closet, especially in the kitchen.;-)

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I would prefer to see the fridge in the pantry area, and the DW on the other side of the sink so dishes can be stored on the right side of the kitchen. I'm thinking dishes would be stored right across the aisle where the fridge was. The reason for this is that the current layout has it so that anyone wanting a snack or drink of water will be trudging right through your cooking and prep zone on their way to get their glass and get to the fridge.

If you would prefer to have an oven/cooktop setup instead of a range, I would put the ovens on the left side of the back wall and scoot the range over.

I would also consider pushing the sink and DW all the way to the right side of the island. You have 46" of prep space on the other side of the sink without doing that, but if you have a raised bar you lose very useful depth to the island so more would be much better.

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tracie - good suggestions. I also think I would prefer a flat island without the raised bar. Wondering if I can fit a 7 or 8ft by 4ft flat rectangle island in.

gpraceman - love the storage ideas! Also, fyi the panty closet is located in the guest room :)

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Personally, I agree that you do not seem to have a lot of cabinets. I like the idea of putting the refrigerator on the pantry closet wall and I personally would probably do pantry cabinetry instead of a closet. Then the range wall would have more storage and more work surface area. On the current pantry wall, I notice that the wall bumps out from the garage with that round thing. What is that? Can that corner be confiscated for the kitchen to give you more room on that wall for maybe pantry, fridge, and wall oven(s)?

Another general house layout question: do you have a front closet at all? That area that I'm thinking is a pantry isn't supposed to be a coat closet, right?

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