extra cost- does this make sense?

calizzyAugust 3, 2013

I am having new baseboards installed in my house. Originally the guy quoted me at $250. Today I bought my baseboards and showed them to him and he said that because they are 5 inch instead of 3 inch he is charging and extra $100. Does this make sense? Why would it be harder to cut a 5" board than to cut the 3" boards?

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I tried installing the really wide boards and it is harder to get the corners right and to make the joins for longer walls.

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Well that sounds like a bargain either way. We just paid $2500 for baseboards + casing and we are not in a high $ market...

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ok, you guys are making me feel better about it. We are having 240 linear feet. The cost is just for installation. He said he will paint them for an extra $300, do you think it's worth it, or should we try to paint them ourselves?

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Fori is not pleased

If you paint them yourselves, do it ahead of time so that you'll only have to do touchup when installed.

It's kinda a pain to paint them when they're in but not too bad in the garage on sawhorses. They'll probably need a light sanding job beforehand too.

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Definitely do your sanding and a quality prime coat (even on pre-primed) before installation. Some people put the first coat of paint on too.

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Ditto on painting before installation. The installation price sounds great, but you can easily save money by painting yourself.

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Having painted a few hundred feet of wide baseboards in my garage, I would pay the extra money to get it done. It was hard work and took a lot of space in the garage to get them spaced out properly.

I do find the older I get, the more attractive it is to hire people to do the labour.

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If you have space in your garage and enough sawhorses, painting baseboards is very easy. It's a lot less annoying than priming/painting 9-ft. textured ceilings. As me how I know. :)

Sometimes it's worth it to pay someone else to do the work. Other times, I treat myself to something I want (can be totally un-kitchen-related) with the money I save. I got an iPad with the money I saved painting my kitchen myself.

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