Wreaths on Windows - Need opinions

ShellKingDecember 4, 2012

I have always been inspired by pictures of homes decorated with wreaths on each window. Like this picture. But alas, my windows don't look quite like that.

What would you all recommend? The windows have screens (must be removed and stored while wreaths are there) and can open from the top or bottom. Should I put a wreath on every window on the second story?

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Here is my house with windows:

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

You have a gorgeous home! I would use command hooks and put a wreath on every window. If you don't want to remove the screens, place a small nail on the window trim ( it can stay there permanently) and use fishing wire.

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I love your house! The overhang from the porch will shadow the wreaths on the first floor and they won't have the same inpact as the ones on the second floor. Christmas greenery should pop. I'd suggest window wreaths on the four larger, paired windows on the second floor, some kind of wreath or swag on the peaked portico, a wreath on your front door and garlands around the columns. Do you have window boxes on some of your first floor windows? Put in mixed greens. Add lights as you desire, and this will give you the look you want.

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thanks. I'll keep working on it and show you an updated pic soon. keep the advice coming.

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Beautiful home, can't wait to see the pictures!

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I think the wreaths on the windows should be suspended by wide red velvet ribbons.

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I would do all the windows on the second floor, the middle being a bit smaller as it is a smaller window.
On the first floor I would do one on the door and two very large ones on your two biggest windows.
Can you do light up ones? They would show up better on the porch.
Then, if you want to go all out, two small Christmas trees in urns on either side of your front door.

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ellendi, that's what I plan to do on the three tall windows on the back of my house - suspend wreaths with wide red ribbon, but hanging them on the inside. I saw this in a Potter Barn catalog I think and tore the page out for reference. The problem is finding three matching wreaths of nice quality and for an affordable price.

Sorry to hijack your thread ShellKing.;)

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I also hang mine with a band of red ribbon, and
A red bow at the end of the ribbon. I also position
Them so that my window candle lights are dead
Center inside the wreath. The wreath is on the outside
Of my window - I have double hungs with storms and
Run the ribbon in the window frame and tack it

I do both upstairs and downstairs windows with the
Exception of the windows on a recessed dormer - those
Windows are much smaller so wreaths wouldn't fit
There. Also, the other windows are on the brick
Face of my house, so it all looks consistent.

I think consistency is the key.

I purchased my own wreaths at Michaels craft store
And added berries myself for a pop of color. Much
Cheaper than buying these all pre-made since I have
Six windows and the biggest wreath is on my door
And that wreath has the most decor since its my
Focal point.

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My vote would be to do all of them including
The two dormers. Leave the window in between alone
Along with the similarly smaller windows on the first floor

Otherwise I think it will be too much. Keep the focus
On the larger windows. I think that would look fabulous

Sorry for typos, on my iPhone

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Oh my, what a wonderful rose garden! Truly lovely landscaping.

I think wreaths on all the windows would look great whether in shadow or not. Your house is beautiful, and the wreaths would be a nice festive complement. The wreaths wouldn't be the focal point, mind you. The focus would be on the beautiful house wearing seasonal accessories. Subtle and pretty.

I use suction cup hooks for my glass doors to hang wreaths. They're great, very strong, & hold up all winter long (we take our winter wreaths down when Lent begins). Just in case you're looking for an easy on/easy off, sturdy hook.

Here is a link that might be useful: vinyl suction cups

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Love your pretty home! :)

And your gardens are gorgeous! :)

Can't wait to see your updated Xmas decor with the wreaths! :) Please post lots of photos! :)

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I love the wreath idea. I'd kill to do them on my house but I can't secure them enough with the wind and don't want the 120 year old glass broken by a wild wreath in a winter storm :( I almost lost one to a mummy at halloween who got a bit crazy swinging on his chain! LOL

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I hang my window wreaths by a length of wide ribbon looped around the top, opening my top window just enough to put the wreath through and then closing the window with the ribbon ends hanging on the inside. I tie a good knot close to the sash, and that's enough to keep the wreath in place.
Then, open the bottom window and screen a few inches, reach through a 3 foot long piece of fishing line, and loop it through the bottom of the wreath. Close the window and screen, keeping the ends of the fishing line inside. A clever way I found to secure the fishing line so it won't slide back out is to thread the ends through two holes in a button, draw it close to to the sash, and tie a knot. This keeps the wreath secured from top and bottom, and it won't blow around in the wind. Works very well.

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm going to try something tomorrow and post photos. . .

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