Built in my 55" TV above a corner fireplace....pics!

nicole__December 24, 2012

I had a 35" analog tube TV on a stand in my greatroom. It partially blocked 2 windows and had surround sound wiring going along the baseboards. To get the TV up off the floor and out of my way....so I could open ALL 8 of the windows and get the full solar heating value and see the view with no neighbors that we LOVE....we built the TV into a recessed area above the fireplace. It tilts, pulls out 20" and even can be turned sideways to view when in the adjoining kitchen....take a look. OH....and did I mention it used to be a rustic design, with a heavy wood mantle and is now a sleek modern design with a granite slab mantle. :0)

We did all the work ourselves. Cut off the raised hearth, gaining 20" of floor space, so we can now set the speakers on the new marble hearth. We love it!!!!!!!


The hearth matched the entryway tile. The grout was cracking because of the builders error, not installing hardibacker, insted..... installig ALL tile directly to the plywood base.


Here is a link that might be useful: Sanus TV Full Swivel Wall Mount

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It looks wonderful and I LOVE all those windows.

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Agreed! I am so impressed that you did it yourselves! Bravo. Now, sit back and enjoy!

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Wow! Good work! Love the windows, too!!


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I love what you did....but would you consider putting your speakers on each side of the fireplace...I believe it would finish out your TV/fireplace setting. If you use the fireplace, then you would have to move them farther away but I would like to see what they look like closer.

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grandmaof3.....it's a sleek, austere...not too cluttered look. AND a $4k surround sound system, it's heavy to move. It needs to be away from soot/dirt...heat.

I'm painting an old cane sided chair black, reupholstering it in a black and white bamboo fabric and hope THAT will finish out the look. :0)

Thanks for all the replies!!!

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