Anyone buy their quartz counters at Lowe's?

3boysandadogAugust 12, 2012

I have been pricing quartz countertops... Lowe's has submitted the cheapest quote by almost $2k... Has anyone purchased their quartz counters from them and had them install? If so, have you been happy? Is there different quality of Quartz? The brand we are looking at through Lowe's is Allen & Roth...

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Seems the big box stores contract out in their area for countertops. You may want to find out who their provider is and look for reviews on quality of their work. In our area, the price is very competitive with the price quoted directly from the company actually doing the work.

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We purchased the LG silver lake when they were having the sale for 49.99. I've been happy with them. It looks pretty and actually, I can't tell any difference between mine and a friend who has a mainstream brand. Quite a few of the colors are actually made here in the us, in Ohio. I think. That made me a little happier.

I was especially happy when the fabricator messed up where they put my sink. The fabricator would only refund me 150.00 and that took a lot to get out of them. Lowes backed me up. They told them to either offer me more money or completely redo the counters. I settled on 500.00, since I didn't want to wait another six weeks. I should have said more, but I digress...

Also, my mom picked up the LG stuff on sale too. They installed it last week. She is happy with it. She did find a chip. She called the fabricator and he said that's the nature of the product. She called lowes and they will be out next week to fix it. :)

I know it's not the brand that you're looking for, but I thought you'd be happy to know that Lowe's really came through for us.

Good luck!

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What are they charging, ballpark, per sf? Was that $49.99 fabricated and installed? I was looking at Cambria, and the first place I asked was $120 sf installed. That seems a bit high. If Lowes is really in the $50 range for their line I might put quartz back in the running! I have time time wait for a sale. Nice to hear Lowes is standing behind their stuff.

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Williamsem: The price quoted was indeed $49.99 fabricated/installed and included a SS sink. I missed out on thier last sale which was $46.99 installed... however, on this sale, they are offering a free "edge" upgrade to your choice of edging - which the saleslady stated if you don't choose the standard edge... is several dollars per inch. I have not looked at edging choices yet.

Very happy to hear Lowe's has stood by thier products!
Thank you all!

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We had our counters (entire kitchen in fact) done by Lowes! We had LG Viatera quartz installed. We were very happy with the way it came out. No issues on the fabricator or Lowes end!

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When we were countertop shopping, Lowes came in at a good price on our granite. They did have 4 colors of quartz on sale for $49.99 but we just didn't care for the look. HOWEVER if you buy from Lowe's, here's a tip. If you open a Lowe's account, you get 5% off. We opened one just for the savings and then paid it off at the end of the month. Another tip - we had just purchased our home and went to the USPS (post office) website to change our address. It costs $1.00 to do it, but you are offered Lowe's coupons. We got a 10% off one and we were allowed to apply it towards out entire granite purchase, saving us $240.00. Just an FYI...

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Thanks for the tips ShedTheCrysalis - I was thinking Lowe's offered some type of discount if I opened a card... Did you also get the undermount sink and was it good quality?

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Hi again! We didn't get the undermount sink. I wanted an apron front that we actually had flush mounted. Lowe's was good about the discounts. For example, when we bought our appliances in the store, they were on sale for 10% off, plus we used the moving coupon and got another 10% and they also gave us 5% when we used our card. I read on this site that they normally don't do that but they did at the Lowe's we went to. When we shopped for our granite, we asked about getting an upgraded edge for free which the fabricator agreed to. We later decided to go with the standard eased edge but it was nice to know that they were willing to work with us. It never hurts to ask so if you find that you do want to go with Lowes I would suggest asking for what you want and getting a coupon because every little bit helps, right? :)

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And I think there's a 5% off military discount which can be used, too.

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