Need Photoshop help to make decision...please

bixa525August 18, 2012

Can someone please photoshop each of these backsplashes for me into my kitchen background. I need to visually see what they look like before I can decide which one to go with. The one on the left is the Subway crackle 3 X6 and the one on the right is a mini 2 x 4 and will have the mosaic running through the middle of it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks!

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I don't have photoshop, but maybe this will give you an idea. If the colors don't read true to you, I can tweak them a bit.

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Marti8a, thanks for your help. In the first pic the 2x4's are a bit lighter and not quite so golden, also the mosaic has some black in it. In the second pic you show the square tiles on the bottom and we would be using just the subway 3x 6's on the entire area. If you can tweak both of them a bit, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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What is that lovely counter on your island?

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bix525, I like the mosaic colors in the first one (with the black) but I like the glossy Horus field tile better than the kinda crevice-y looking Corona tile. Are there other color options than the blue for the diamond shaped tiles of the Horus?

@marti8a, wow if you hadn't said that you didn't use Photoshop, that's what I would've thought! Great visual for bixa525, especially with having the tile go *behind* the implements on her counter.


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Thanks mtnfever. I've never used photoshop, but from the things I've seen people do here, I bet it could do much better. I couldn't get the rotation to work right on the coffee pot wall.

You're welcome bixa. I redid them and tried to cover the edges better. Here they are with just the subways. Is that what you wanted to see, or did you want to see some of the mosaic border with the Ekos? I darkened the Horus a bit too.

Or was it the dark swirls in the subways that you wanted to show up more?

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Williamsen, the island counter is St. Cecelia granite. Marti8a, the subways are fine but could you mock up the 2 x 4 eckos on the entire wall with the mosaic stone in the center going the whole way around the room? The first pic you did with the eckos didn't show the true colors of the mosaic, especially the black. Thanks so much for your help.

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What do you mean about "the whole way around the room"? I'll try with the mosaic border, but I can only put a band of the mosaic on top of the tile that is already there. My program is pretty basic.

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Mati8a, if you are not using Photshop can you tell me what you are using?

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Marti8a, If you can do it the same as you did the first pic that you posted of the 2x4 mini with the mosaic but only the mosaic's color needs adjusted to reflect the colors in the original mosaic stone, mainly the black. I am sorry, not trying to be a pain. Maybe someone with Photoshop could chime in. Thanks for your help.

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I'm using Picture Painter. It's pretty limited when it comes to importing pictures and doesn't do horizontal repetitions very well, so I did the side wall with it and the back wall with Paint to see if the colors came out any better.

This is probably the best I can do. To get your photo on there, I have to straighten it in Picasa, then crop to just the tile wanted, then upload to the program. All that distorts the image a bit and Picture Painter's standard is to have 50% transparency which makes the colors not true without adjusting the saturation. That's why I think photoshop must be easier. Hopefully, someone who has that will take a crack at your photos.

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Marti8a, Thank you so much for all of your help. I think the last photo is as close to the real thing as you can get it, it gives me a fairly good idea of what it will look like. I am going to try again posting for help with photoshop. Please don't think I don't appreciate all of your help, you have been an amazing help. Thanks again!

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I don't think that at all. I wouldn't have tried except no one else had posted anything. Hope someone jumps in with your next post.

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