External Exhaust Blower - Your experience?

LoPayAugust 5, 2013

I priced out a Broan ventilation system with a roof mounted blower that wasn't more than an Imperial or Kobe with an internal blower. I really want a quiet exhaust system, with not more than 800 CFMs. Quiet is very important to me because of my desire to listen to music and hear the ice clink in my martini while I am grilling a steak. :-) Oh yeah, my hearing is starting to go too.

If you have an external exhaust what issues did you run into during installation? Are there long term issues to consider? I live in Wisconsin, so I would be worried about the motor freezing up during winter.

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Sounds like external exhaust system is the way to go for you. May I suggest you re-post this inquiry with say a title such as "help me think through external kitchen exhaust in Wisconsin" on the GW Appliance Forum. Many experts in ventilation share their knowledge and practical help.

I've only had external exhaust. We've just replaced a fully working Tradewind/Thermador external blower and vent hood that was installed in 1973. We only had to modify the kitchen area duct work. So these external blowers seem to last from a mechanical and electrical point of view.

Wisconsin may be one of the states that requires "conditioned make up air" for blowers over 400 cfm's. That's why posting over on appliances will help you get needed input as well as alternatives.

Here in the south, my state requires make up air for blowers over 400 cfm, but not heating the make up air. Since my blower is 900 cfm, I added the Broan Make up air Damper and got a new 8" hole in my exterior brick wall to allow air entry.

Given the hearing constraint, an external blower may be very wise indeed. Internal motors are load on high; in-line (more remote) blowers are better but also expensive; remote blowers are generally less noise, but require ducts, blower, conduit and often make up air.

Good luck to you.

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