Is there a magic number for estimating how much cabinets will be?

swfrAugust 12, 2013

I wonder if any of you can tell me how to estimate how much my cabinets will cost per linear foot? I am looking at a kitchen that has about 24'8" of base cabinets and 14'6" of wall cabinets. I know there is a HUGE range from builder grade to high end customs, but I figured that someone here could give me what I can expect middle of the road to be. I'm looking at Merillat Classics because that is who my builder pointed me towards, but I'm not afraid to shop around.

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We shopped a bunch before finally purchasing and found those estimates per 10 linear feet to be a joke. You just need to spend the time and get a real estimate. Several estimates....

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Unfortunately, this industry does not have an easy means of estimating cabinetry costs. Even if one line is generally less expensive than another, the less expensive brand can end up being more money based on your choices.

There was a useful thread a while back the compared the base price of a single base cabinet in multiple brands. I'll try to find it for you.

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Found it

Here is a link that might be useful: Kompy's price comparison thread

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No. But...there is a budget estimate that a full kitchen remodel should generally cost 10-20% of your home's value, and cabinets are roughly 30-50% of that. Depends on what you're looking to do, and where you want to splurge.

That should put you in a ballpark, and make it easier to find lines to price out when you ask if that's anywhere near what they think a kitchen your size could come in at.

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No. I was from 12K to 8k and now have found a local guy that has come in well below that. You have to shop around and it makes your head swim. Don't discount small custom shops, though. Ask people. Ask, ask, ask around. That is how I found our guy.

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If you're just trying to look at a price for that specific brand, go to a dealer and see if he's done anything recent that is of similar size and layout to your kitchen. It would help to know what kind of cabinets you want (wood, painted, etc.) Then he could tell you the price of a similar job. I did this and my estimate came in close to the comps - maybe it was a few $K more for my upgrades.

However, ultimately, you'll want them to come out and measure and do a design specifically for you. You could find a few companies who would do this for free.

Good luck!

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Sophie Wheeler

No magic anything other than your want list. The smaller you keep your want list and the less the upgrades, the less your cabinets will be.

Decide on your budget first. There's nothing more irritating to have a customer tell you that they have no idea what their budget is, or have a totally inappropriate budget for their want list. If you tell me your budget and your want list, I can guide you to the cabinet line that will give you your want list at your budget.

Maybe. If you are realistic in the first place about what you want and what is appropriate to your home within the context of it's neighborhood.

If you have a 120K starter home, and come in with a wish list for a 20x20 kitchen with built in appliances with panels, and 10' ceilings with stacked cabinets and stacked crown molding and a giant island and wood hood, don't be surprised if your estimates are all around 50K+. You might get a local hack built in place and spray in the bugs in the finish type of guy to do that for 20K, but you'd be getting crap with a custom label on it. It's more like a decoration for a theater set than well made durable cabinets that will have a lifetime warranty.

And in a 120K house, you'd be over improving with either expenditure. Something in the 6-12K for cabinets would be more in line for your house. There are plenty of lines that would give you a perfectly nice looking kitchen at a lower price point. Just as there are those that would be more appropriate in a 900K house.

Develop your budget, and then let the KD help you to pick out which lines that budget works in. And control your "want" list. The price you spend is within your control.

And stay away from Houzz and this forum as a literal guidebook for what you want in your house. It's full of VERY expensive remodels, not "average joe" style redos. You start to think that "everyone" has stacked to the ceiling inset white cabinets with glass and marble. There is nothing further from the truth!

Your "average Joe" buys oak or maple cabinets, in a plain stain, not to the ceiling uppers, and maybe a plain crown. He spends around 15-20K for cabinets. His upgrades include maybe stretching to cherry, mostly drawers, a trash pull out, maybe a double stacked crown (or maybe not) and maybe an around the fridge panel if he can stretch the budget. He uses plain Kenmore or another plain consumer grade appliance. A range, not separate wall ovens and cooktop.

So, you have to develop a budget that is right for YOU, no matter what pretty expensive stuff you've been viewing. You may be able to afford the pretty expensive stuff, but if you can't, don't be ashamed of having a lower budget. Most people do. Most just aren't interested enough or internet savvy enough to post here.

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If you go around to different cabinet/kitchen shops, you'll have a better idea of what quality cabinets are available for what kind of money. Merillat has a fair comparison of all of their construction details in the almost handy chart at the link.

Kompfy's approach - just ask them about one 3-drawer base and one 2 door wall cabinet of equal sizes to give you a pretty good idea of what the difference in prices. When you ask, also make sure it's been discounted to the price you'd actually pay when doing a complete kitchen. Cabinet discounts are typically pretty steep from book prices. That makes sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Whatever they say, remember that its without mouldings, finished ends, or panels. Allow in your head another 20-50% for adding those if you use it for ball parking. The range is because some types of things are very expensive - like two narrow matching pullouts on either side of a range with ornate fronts.

When you've worked out what you want your kitchen to be, take your drawing back to only those who have the level of pricing you want for estimates. Each of those will take a lot of your time and energy.

When you get estimates, ALWAYS ask for a cabinet breakdown as well - meaning you see the cost of each individual cabinet. Sometimes individual cabinets can be very expensive - and sometimes, you can use something else just as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Merillat construction - press compare all lines

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Off the top of my head, here's how I would ballpark:

Add up your cabinets. Count 2 or 3 for a tall oven cabinet or a pantry with rollouts. Count 2 for Super susans. Count two for each island unit.

Let's say you have 12 cabinets overall:

For builder grade: X $250-$350 per cabinet
ADD $150 to $300 for moldings
ADD $300-$400 additional internal accessories.

For Semi-custom: X $400-$500 per cabinet
ADD $300 to $500 for moldings
ADD $400-$600 additional internal accessories.

For Factory Custom (ie Plain & Fancy): X $600-$800 per cabinet
ADD $400 to $600 for moldings
ADD $500-$700 additional internal accessories.

For paint, add 20%; For Cherry add 10-20% For all wood construction, add 20-25%

Give or take a couple grand ;-)

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