Ceramic Tile Sealer question - kitchen backsplash?

thedorkAugust 22, 2013

I am using a non-sanded grout - very light - almost white and wanted to check which sealer you would recommend for a ceramic tile. Some people say DON'T use any sealer... is that correct?

Thank you!

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Ha, I have NO idea, but did the sink and counter install go okay? I've been wondering.

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Regular ceramic tile does not need to be sealed, unless it is porous or has a crackle finish. However, unless you use epoxy grout, the grout needs to be sealed. Seal it after installation and letting it dry thoroughly (but before you use it and risk getting it dirty). Check the grout manufacturer's information on sealing.

Stone tile needs to be sealed before it's grouted, and then can be sealed again when the grout is sealed. You need to seal the face of stone tile so the grout doesn't stick to it, but you don't want to seal the sides because there you DO want the grout to stick.

We've used the Miracle 511 sealers on our backsplash and floor tile, and it seems fine. However, none of our grout is white, so maybe someone who has white grout can say if it is OK.

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As stated above you don't need a tile sealer you need a grout sealer.

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Thank you! Yes, I was inquiring about the grout sealer. Do I need to seal the grout? And if yes, which brand is good. I will be using non-sanded POLYBLEND grout.

Sparklingwater: The sink install is next week - fingers crossed.
The sink came in a wrong color from the fabricator - needed to exchange. Thanks for asking!

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