Size of prep sink in island

vnanaAugust 16, 2012

We are adding a whole new kitchen to our house. I am looking at a 36 inch Rohl white fireclay sink or a cast enamel kohler sink. I would like a smaller prep sink for our island. I am not sure whether to use a stainless steel under mount in the island or a white sink. Also not sure of the size for this prep sink. I need help

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I don't know if there is a "standard" for this, but my main sink is a 30 inch fireclay and my prep sink is 20 in.(exterior measure -- interior 18 in). I am not sure if this is considered big, medium, or small but it works for me! It is big enough to allow me to do some meal prep and when we entertain I often fill it with ice and stick bottles in. Smaller wouldn't allow me to do these things easily and I don't have room for bigger, so there it is! Let us know what you decide!

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General theory around here says about 18" wide. Mine is slightly less, and, while it's fine most days, I do wish it were a tad larger. If Blanco made a silgranit about 18" wide I would have chosen that.

As far as color/material, mixing is fine. Pick a sink you really like (personally, I loathe stainless sinks for the noise and water spots) that fits your other criteria (shape, drain location, depth, etc).

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Mine is 15'' and I often wish it were larger. It works, and I don't have room for larger, but I wish. . .

Can't speak to mixing from experience, but I don't think it would offend me.

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Thanks for all of your input and I am not sure about the stainless steel because of water spots..etc...if anyone knows of a great brand without water spot issues. I really want the prep sink to look good because I like to entertain and it will be used and seen by many

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If it's near a sink, make sure it's big enough to hold your favorite colander.

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"a great brand without water spot issues..."

Here's a poorly colored pic of my hard working prep sink.

This is a metallic gray Blanco silgranit sink. It has, to me, a bit of the look of brushed stainless, but it doesn't clank, doesn't show water spots, doesn't chip or dent or scratch, and doesn't stain. Best of all worlds, if you ask me. :)

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