How worried do I need to be about swivel barstools?

kam76August 26, 2013

I am having carrera marble on my island and I am wondering how much I need to worry about barstools that swivel bumping into them? I have four stools from my dads old office that are the toledo style with the metal bar holding up the back rest in the back. I'd really like to use these stools but I worry that over zelous children will spin right into the island. The chairs spin completely around. I guess I could cut up a pool noodle and put it on the metal bars, but asethetically I am not sure that would go with my decor. Lol.
Has anyone had any trouble with bar stools chipping their countertops?

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Are these your own kids? Someone who will be in these chairs every day? Because my four and six year old would *definitely* be a problem in this scenario.

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I took the backs off our stools for just this reason! Plus, the first view days when I kept nagging my kids to not bang the counters just seemed like no fun.

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I have two kids yes and I am a little worried about them but we have metal stools now and they have learned not to bang them into the counters. They don't spin all the way around though. I am more worried about other kids coming over and going crazy. I am not sure how easily the edges chip or how bad it would look. I am fine with patina and small chips but I think I would cry if a big chunk came out. My other issue is I am not a huge fan of stools with out backs, I have had those before and I always felt like I was going to fall off. "Soft" barstools seem kinda grody to me as far as cleaning them goes. Plus I am not not really a plush bar stool kinda gal. Maybe I will have to become one. I will be super bummed if I can't use these stools though, they have sentimental value and they are cool! I am having soapstone on my perimeter counter, I wonder if I should switch those up....

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I have Danby marble and swivel chairs. No kids at home, but 2 grandkids are here quite a bit, and we entertain a lot.. In 18 months, we have had no problems.

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I had metal stools with granite counters in my last kitchen. We had chips on the edge from the stools and granite is way harder than marble. I think it would be crazy to use those stools with new marble counters. I have some chips in my new marble counter edge from pots hitting them. I would think that stool backs would be just as damaging. There is no way on earth that you are going to be able to prevent those stools from ever hitting. And it only takes once to lose a chunk. Why set yourself up for the angst and inevitable distress?

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And even if you can teach your kids not to bang them, its really a hassle when their friends come over. Who wants to correct or nag at the friends?

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Oh I can teach my children not to...I have taught them already in this house. But yah like you said I don't want to be a nag to other people. I wonder if I could some how mount them to the floor at a distance away from the counter that is still comfortable. Like my stool right now that I am sitting in, it doesn't hit the counter when I turn it. It is just when someone pulls the stool up really close to the counter then they can hit it. At restaurants a lot of times they the can spin totally around without hitting the counter. I guess most of those are mounted to the floor. Something to think about. I just wanted to know if people have noticed this being a problem.

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As far as "Decor" goes, are chips, (either marble or shoulder) part of your "Planned decor"?


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soft clear gel bumpers on the chair edges?

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Dodge59, not what you mean about a chip on my shoulder. The "planned decor" comment was meant to be jacose.

I am definately a patina/rustic person. I have spent time in Europe and fell in love with all the beautiful marble that has been around for hundreds of years as steps that people walk on no less. I plan to use my marble, know there are going to etches and scratches. I would prefer to not have huge chunk of the edge fall off and wondered if anyone else had encountered this problem. I banged my current chairs against the flat edge of a sample and it didn't chip. Sounds like gharborwa actually has had marble/ swivel barstools for 18 months and has not noticed issues. Love the clear bumper idea thanks GWlolo!

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The bumpers will probably fall off though.....

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My children bang. They have been taught not too, but it still happens. Mom has wood stools with granite counters. No chips yet but I would be paranoid with metal! Friends tend to bang too. I nag and hate doing it. Our counters in the new house will be wood with wood stools. Or soapstone with wood stools.

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Is there a way to stop the stools from spinning. A clip of some sort that would not damage the integrity of the stools.

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Even if the stools don't spin, the metal can bang against the counters and chip them. That's what happened to us with our granite and our non-spinning metal stools. It depends in part on how deep the stools are and how much overhang you will have. If the stools will push in all the way, it doesn't matter whether or not they spin.

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One advantage of getting spinning stools with low backs is that you can rotate the stool when entering and exiting, without having the back block the angle of rotation.

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Would a bar footrail keep the stools far enough away from the granite counter top? We are planning to install one when we get moved in to our new house. I was doing it to keep people from kicking the back of the island, I had not thought about the granite.

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A bar foot rail! What an interesting idea. I never thought of that. Such a great forum with so many knowledgeable folks. This has to be an issue others have encountered right because metal will chip granite as well and you see pictures all the time with stone counter tops and metal bar stools. My stools are totally adjustable, up and down and the back rest so I may be able to make them short enough to not bang but still comfortable enough to sit in.

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