Help with kitchen design II?

halgreeneAugust 12, 2014

Hi Guys,

Well, here it is, the design my kitchen guy has proposed. Kinda simple but I can't see much of a way to improve it, but I'm sure GWers will beg to differ.

Please do!



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Hi Hal!

You will have to tell us a little more about your family and cooking style. Do you have family at home with you? How many cook?

Your design does not look to bad to me, one thing does stand out, though. When your fridge door is open you will be blocking entry into the kitchen. I would propose moving it to the end of your cooktop run unless you are a single guy, in which case it doesn't really matter.

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This kitchen is for a couple that cooks almost every night. Usually only one person cooking at a time, though.

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- I would make the sink countertop all 1 level, so that you get a larger span of countertop.

- is that 2 wall ovens, or is one of them a MW?
if not, then where does MW go?

- I would put the trash on the right side UNDER the sink (18" pullout), so

- you can make the 2 cabinets to the right of the sink into just one 27" 3-drawers. I find that 4 drawers (especially narrow 12" ones) are wasteful in space since they don't store that much.
good luck,

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Hey Amanda,

Thanks for this! We always deeply desired to have the countertop all one level (especially since we are doing zinc) but our plumber told us no: there were pipes coming out of the concrete floor that could: Not. Be. Lowered.

So we hired another plumber and guess what? They are now lowered. Go figure. Also we are adopting all your other suggestions, too.

BTW, it is a double wall oven. The MW is going in the pantry (we don't use it for much, anyway, just popcorn mostly).

Thanks, you have been a tremendous help!

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