More sink questions- what color if not stainless?

boops2012August 4, 2013

Used to have a black double composite sink. Now changing the countertops to butcher block. Decided to go for top mount to reduce the chance of water damage. But can't seem to find a single deep sink to fit a 30 on sink base with an off set drain. So...decided to look for a granite composite in a color. Cabinets are white, appliances are stainless, hardware will be brushed nickel. I'm looking at a Silgranite in metallic grey. I loved the black but don't want a "black hole" look. Oh and floors are a porcelain tile called Calabria 12x24. Lots of creams and bronze and greys.
I noticed butcher block pics with either a white top mount or stainless but no black or grey. Anyone? I would appreciate any input as tile is going in this week soon followed by the cabinets and need to get my components together.

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Connie K

I would go with white, but I have wanted a white sink for the last 40 years. My friend has the black silgranite sink, and it always looks dirty. I think waterspots, and any speck of whatever, really show up in a black sink. I would hate that more than the waterspot problem with the SS sinks I have used for the last 40 years. But most people are not bothered by that, so you may not be bothered by the look of a black sink.

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Just about Digginginthedirt's comments about a black Silgranit sink (actually called "anthracite"): I have so far had two different kitchens in two different regions, but both had hard water. I had Silgranit in anthracite in each kitchen, and what I loved most about it was that it DID NOT show waterspots, unlike the other stainless steel sinks I've had that have shown water spots instantly. Note that there are granite composite sinks out there that are not the Silgranit brand, and do not have the Silgranit proprietary patents and technology, and those may show water spots.

Having said that, and while I love the look of the anthracite, and am picking it for my current (third) kitchen, I don't think the anthracite would be right for Boops2012 kitchen as she has described it. Perhaps the Silgranit white, but be careful that it might seem too white. Also check out the Silgranit Biscuit color which is a creamy white.

Did you know that Blanco will mail to you color chips of their Silgranit colors? Call their customer service number, and ask for chips of the colors you want. Blanco's customer service number is 1-888-668-6201.

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I'm going to have to echo Mrs Nyefnyef... The Anthracite that I've had for only five months now is so much easier to keep clean than the white Kohler cast iron it replaced! ...and we have very hard water

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I adore my Kohler cast iron. It always looks fresh and clean. I see the Riverby has a single bowl and offset drain. Didn't look any further. Not sure what you mean by deep, but it says 9 5/8. An inch more than mine which seems like a nice deep sink to me. Now that you mention the water spots ... those stainless sinks never feel clean to me (but I've only known old ones, lol).

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I have a neighbor with silgranit in black and I agree, it always looks dirty...sort of a black hole in her very light kitchen. She did it because her old white sink looked dirty, but it just seems heavy and dark for her kitchen..the water spots don't help either.


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