Ruvati sink installed + Delta Intrinsic faucet

psyoheAugust 8, 2013

Someone asked about Ruvati sinks and whether you could see the logo or not. Mine is etched into the sink.

Here it is...Peke

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Isn't this the cutest strainer?

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And it is big enough to wash Snickers in! She is not too happy.

The Delta Intrinsic faucet is wonderful.
I think the drinking faucet is a Brizo.
The air switch was bought at Lowes.
The soap dispenser is Delta.

I bought the same sink for my utility room sink to wash dogs in. Can someone suggest a pre-rinse faucet that pulls down a long way so I can wash the dogs' bellies?

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Peke, that's really a nice sink and faucet set up you have there. The Ruvati looks very special in your lovely quartzite, with the ledge for both the basket and cutting board.

Snicker's checking it all out. Some warm water on her on a cool day, and she'll be good to go.

I don't know what a pre-rinse faucet is, but I can recommend the Blanco Culina for both a locked pre-rinse, easy-mix temperature lever, and a great pull down (spirals expand down) faucet to get under Snicker's belly. Added bonus: it rests on a magnet dock attached to the arch; easy as pie to grasp and replace.

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Wow that is one great looking sink!

Cute pooch too! But if looks could kill. :). I think she's gunning you off there, lol.

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I have the same faucet but the handle is to the right and the toggle switch is in the rear. It looks completely different mounted with the handle in the front!

Love your sink ... that's awesome! Looks like spa day for Snickers.

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Holly- Kay

What an awesome sink and I love that strainer. I am so glad I'm not the only one who uses her sink for pupster baths. It is just the right height to not cause back pain.

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nice sink! just bought a Ruvati faucet for my kitchen... it's beautiful and i hope I like it.

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sparklingwater, what you described is a pre rinse faucet. I found a Krause i like, but it only comes in chrome. The rest of my hardware and faucets are stainless steel. I will look today for the Blanco. thanks so much.

taggie, it is a good her front legs are only 3-4" tall or she might jump on the bed and strangle me in my sleep. LOL

jelly, I didn't pay attention to the toggle switch. It is usually on the back isn't it? I have more faucets to install so the plumbers can move it later.

hollykay, my dishwasher is no longer hooked up because i still need the garbage disposal and utility sink faucet connected. I put a tub in the sink to wash dishes last night and even at 36" counter height, my back hurt. The sink is so deep. I don't wash dishes by hand much so it should be okay. In the utility room, we put a 30" deep cabinet that is 39" tall without the quartzite. It is going to be my dog sink.

Snickers is my ADHD dog. My other one has cataracts and can't hear me call. Well she can hear, but she can't hear where I am. We do a lot of stomping and clapping so she can figure out where we are. Patches fell into a 3' deep hole the other day. It was full of water and was dug for an electrical pole so it had straight sides. I thought she was going in head first, but she turned around when she heard me yelling at her. So she went in butt first. She just sat,there soaking wet. She did not appreciate another bath five minutes later to get the mud off her.

Any more faucet ideas for my dog washing sink?


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That is a beautiful sink!
Poor Patches - but glad it worked out. He must have been frightened.
Dog faucets - I friend just bought a house and in the mud room - they have a doggie bath and shower - it is pretty nifty - but they don't have a dog right now.

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a2, I guess they will be getting a dog soon since they put in a dog wash.


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