Update on my living room window treatments

thecloseDecember 19, 2013

Hi All,

My roman shades are in! I am very happy with them. While not "pretty", they serve a purpose and that is what I had to go with at this juncture. One day I will add panels to the two windows on the far end of the room. Here are some pictures. Thank you for all your advice. I really appreciate it!

The corner with the two windows

Moving along the mantle wall

The rest of mantle wall

Front wall (where panels wouldn't work)

And then to complete the room, the wall opposite mantle

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Personally, I really like the shades. I like the clean lines.

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I think they're very pretty. I would leave them be and not add anything else to the windows. Beautiful room!

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Thank you both so much! I really do like them. I love the clean lines as well, kees.

oakley, I might not add panels. We shall see in about 3-5 years what my thoughts are. : )

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Annie Deighnaugh

Nice! So are your Xmas decorations!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Simple, lovely, perfect! You have a very pretty room there!

Also, love the pheasant on your mantle-we used to see them in the mornings in our lower yard near the woods when I was child.

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The roman shades look great. Your mantle turned out beautifully. I love what you did to decorate the garland, so natural looking & festive!

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Wow!! I love the shades. I love panels too so I would probably add them eventually. But your room as it is has a wonderful clean look without being "sterile". The color and scale on your furniture is fabulous and fits the size of the room perfectly. The only suggestion I would have is to beef up some of the accessories on your shelves. What you have is lovely but if you add some larger items it will make the smaller ones more important. Right now there isn't enough contrast there and the small things kind of run together. Love your Xmas decor, too :)

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I love your living room and feel a strong urge to plunk down on that gorgeous sofa with a good book and a cup of tea. Or, I can imagine how fun it would be to be in your living room filled with beautiful women in party dresses and smart-looking men lounging about drinking fancy-pants cocktails.

Your new roman shades are perfect. I love the clean lines of fabric shades. The way they softly filtered the light is gorgeous, the perfect foil to the joyous bursts of color in your beautiful living room.

Thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!

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I agree!! I LOVED my pleated shades....had them for many years. I don't have them in this house.

The simple windows really make the bright furniture shine! Gorgeous!


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Thanks, everyone!!

cyn, we bought that pheasant at an antique store that used to be local to us. Just called to get another one! It is so pretty.

romy, not sure if you remember my garland dilemma. The lights on one I had and even a new one didn't match. So I ended up going fresh. I do love it, even though it is a bit messy. I mist it every morning but it is so dry! I also haven't accessorized as much as I would like but I am at a loss. Maybe next year!

jjam, those shelves are going to be the death of me!! What you see now is finally fixed up! I agree they look pretty sparse. There are just so many shelves! I have left the top ones empty since I don't have enough to fill it. But something for the new year is to get more color up there.

francoise, thank you so much! The "women in party dresses and smart looking men lounging" is the look I love! Very Dorothy Draper/Carlton Varney. Now, need to get on having that party!

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This book was recommended to me a few years ago on GW. It has an outstanding section on how to do bookshelves. I have referred to it many times since for advice on shelves and other ideas. It is a gem.


Give it to yourself for Christmas!

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