Recessed Niche above cooktop

kelvarAugust 22, 2009

I had wanted an arched, recessed niche on my cooktop wall. A tiled, pretty place to put olive oil bottles, salt and pepper mill, etc. However, now we're backpedding a bit and I want to see if anyone else has done this or not done it and why before I make the final decision. A 2X4 is really 3 1/2 inches. By the time you remove the existing insulation, put tile backer board on, you're down to 3". Not to mention that you have to cut a stud or two out and replace with a header since it's load bearing. Has anyone done a niche here? Was the 3" just enough of a shelf? Or did you bump out through the wall on the other side to make it deeper? In our case, it would be the garage wall. I think I may have to shelf this idea (no pun intended). I'm nervous about having to touch a load bearing wall even though its only a stud or two and not sure if it's worth it.

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I never understood the niche by the cooktop. My concern would be that oil and spices should not be near heat. In your case it sounds like a lot of work. I would invest my time and money in a nice backsplash.

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I'm with debrak on this one. Besides the detrimental effects of heat on oils and spices, it seems awkward (dangerous?) to me to reach over the cooktop for ingredients.

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I think it looks really pretty, but I don't think it would be practical. So do it if you love the look, but put the stuff you really use in the cupboard next to you.
I am all for pretty!

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I"m going to satisfy my niche fix by putting one in above the sink in what will be my teeny tiny master bath.... both bathroom showers will have one too.

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I'm with everyone else. Can you imagine reaching over cooking items in order to grab something out of the niche?

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Ok - you've convinced me. Well, DH convinced me also. It was getting to be too big of a headache for effectively something that would be awkward to use. You all are making me feel better about the decision to let it go.

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Now that you're convinced, time to tease you back again!! :-)

It's not one of mine-- a young lady up in Washington State put this one together, but it's got to be some of the best work I've ever seen, especially being that it was made on site, and not bought and installed.

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In addition to the heat problem and reaching over a hot cooktop problem, what about cleaning it!! They look beautiful, especially the one posted by bill vincent, but for all the reasons mentioned, I'm not doing it.

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Oh thanks bill_vincent - this is not what I wanted to see this morning! LOL

But I could reproduce something like that only in a flat version. I love the turned tiles at the top that frame the curve.

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That is Gorgeous Bill!

IÂm a BIG fan of these. I couldnÂt make it happen in my current kitchen, but it may just work out in the next one.

This one is from this forum:

One with a Pot Filler

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Don't mention it. :-)

As the great and famous Bugs Bunny once said,

Ain't I a STINKER?!?!?

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Yes you are!! LOL

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Great inspiration pics, especially the one from bill v.

It looks great even with nothing in it. The last one looks like the real olive oil is on the counter and the decorative bottle is smaller.

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I haven't tiled mine yet, but I put one in. It measures 30"W x 20"H x 6"D. It starts 6-1/2" above the counter. No, I don't store oils or spices there. But I do use it hold the timer and other miscellaneous items that are not necessarily used while cooking.

It could have been an inch or two shallower, but I'm not sure about 3". Ours is not on a load-bearing wall. Now that I think about it, 3" would be fine for some nice bottles, a timer, etc. So, if you really want it, do it!

It adds a little bit of "storage" space behind the cooktop.

I've been using the kitchen for a year now and so far I haven't had any cleaning issues. Yes, if you have sauce on the back burner something might get splattered, but so does the rest of the no big deal.

Since we don't have a tiled BS yet, we painted our walls with a "scrubbable" paint and it works fine!

Winter/Christmas last year:

BTW...decor keeps changing as I try to find something I'm completely happy with....maybe hang the trivet? Not sure will probably be a couple more years b/f we tile the BS.

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