Dull hardwood

patty_cakesDecember 21, 2013

My 6 yo wood floors are starting to look dull. They'll probably need refinishing in a few more years, but right now i'm looking for a way to brighten them up for the holidays. I use the Bona floor cleaner and am wondering if anyone has ever used the Bona hardwood refresher. If so, it isn't a product which causes a build up, is it? is there another product anyone has tried and had good results?TIA

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I've had great luck with Minwax hardwood floor restorer and my floors are 1937 oak done over 20 yrs ago. I prefer the low gloss but there is a high gloss product.

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Here you to, this product is amazing. I use it once a year on my Douglas fir floors in my lake house and they look shiny and new for a whole year. Read the reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: floor finish

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yayagal, I have tried that product. It's just too shiny for me. Depends on the sheen the OP wants.

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Patty - our floors are 15 years old and do not need refinishing. Are you sure it is not some kind of build-up?

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Thank you jays mom, yayagal, and Tina. I haven't done anything yet, but don't think I want a shiny surface as it seems to attract dust much quicker. I may use the refresher product since I already have it.

Tina, no build up as I've only use Bona cleaner. I know build up since I used to use a clear product on wood floors years ago and ended up with a real mess. The dullness is everyday wear and tear from myself, grandchildren, and 3 pets. Too much of a good thing can still have it's drawbacks. ;o)

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try shark steam cleaner

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