Quality all wood kitchen cabinets online or at big box?

NannajoeAugust 24, 2011


I've been doing my kitchen cabinet homework and getting bids for almost 3 weeks. The prices are more than I want to spend at this time. Have any of you found good quality unfinished or finished (all wood) cabinets online or at one of the big box stores? I am thinking we can buy unfinished and stain ourselves, or perhaps order them completed on the internet and install them ourselves. We can order the countertop locally.

Please feel free to make any suggestions. Thank you

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Where have these bids come from? Your local kitchen cabinet distributor should be able to service this request without problem. Their pricing should be better than the box stores, and they will be more knowledgeable. They will also offer more brand name choices.

Unfinished cabinetry doesn't typically save much money if any at all. Most manufacturers will offer these without a warranty.

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I understand being on a budget. Everyone is. But cheap and quality just don't go together for cabinets. Sure you can find questionable Chinese manufactured cabinets for less than decent quality American made cabinets, but why would you? And if you'd ever looked at the unfinished cabinets available pretty much any box or discount builders store, you wouldn't be asking about their nonexistent falling apart in the store quality.

If you want low cost decent cabinets, look at Ikea or American Woodmark/Shenendoah. If you want good quality unfinished, then Conestoga or Scherrs would be good choices. They will be about as good quality you can find for a low price. And good quality needn't involve all plywood construction. Good quality furniture board cabinets are much better than crappy quality plywood ones.

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Another vote for Scherr's. Live_Wire_Oak said they were unfinished, but that is ambiguous. They are finished in the sense of being lacquered (with a very durable, catalyzed acrylic finish), but they are ready-to-assemble (like Ikea). They are very easy to assemble. You can get either plywood or particle board boxes. Oh, and they are fully custom as far as sizing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scherr's RTA cabinets.

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My two cents -- don't know if you're building new or remodeling, but either way -- the LAST place you want to cut corners is on cabinets. It's always wiser to go with 100% solid wood -- no matter how nice the plywoods and particle boards look-- b/c only solid wood cabinets will still be hanging level and serving you right 15, 20 years down the road. Cabinets are soooo important that I'd even go so far to say it's better to put down Formica on your countertops, leave your floor plywood, operate with outdated appliances, stick a fan in the window instead of an exhaust system/range hood until a later date than to go for anything less than solid wood cabinets.

I do have one suggestion: follow Craig's list and other local ads. People take out their solid-wood cabinets and are looking to get rid of them all the time. You might just luck out and find yourself some solid cherry that someone "pickled" when that was all the rage and now they're onto the next trend.

My husband has built/installed many kitchens over the years and believe me, I know this to be true! We still laugh about the client who wanted "natural cherry" cabinets who threw a fit when they arrived because she didn't like the red grains of the cherry! Apparently, she had NO concept of what cherry looks like in its natural state...probably was just following what all her neighbors were doing...

Then...you guessed it...she paid my husband to pickle them white!

LOL...could have just as easily bought pine and done that!

Anyway... be sure to search out/check what you know in your area to be wealthier craigslist towns.

With a little elbow grease and a lot of tenacity, and a few prayers, you might just be able to get a kitchen that you never thought you could afford!

Best of luck! : )

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Solid wood cabinets are very rare, and I would image, expensive. 3.4" plywood is strong and stable and will be there long after the cabinets have gone out of style. There is also nothing wrong with the furniture grade particle board.

I also recommend Scherrs. I have a bunch (not an entire kitchen) of cabinets from them and was very happy with how easy they were to assemble, how sturdy they are, and how easy it is to work with Leon.

I had them price out a new kitchen for me a couple of weeks ago, so I could finish mine, and the prices are very competitive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Scherr's Cabinets

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Jack_Mason, I notice you're relatively new here and have been popping up in several posts with helpful posts. I don't know if you read the disclaimer on the instructions page but advertising isn't allowed on the forums. I'm pretty sure this includes linking websites at the bottom of every post even if you don't direct people to it. Just in case it's an honest mistake, I wanted to let you know so you can remove it. And welcome to GW!

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"There is also nothing wrong with the furniture grade particle board. "

Until it gets wet.

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My shenandoah cabinets arrive in a few weeks. When I priced Scherr cabinets they were more expensive then most others I priced. But you should check them out!

I think each part of the country is different. Get prices from lots of different sources. There are lots of good threads here on quality low cost cabinets.

I checked custom, online, small independants, large independent stores, wholesalers, craigslist, display models, several brands from HD and Lowes. In the end Shenandoah with rebate from Lowes and free sink base came in the lowest for good quality cabinets. Again each area is different. Just take the same plan and go everywhere you can.

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Nanajoe - as far as not-all-wood cabinets not lasting: our plywood cabinets with mdf shelves are 40 years old this year and are in excellent condition. They're being replaced only because we need to make better use of space.

When you get this advice, "Purchasing cabinets online is an excellent option...," and then see that the poster is the seller of said cabinets, take that advice for what it's worth. If an actual consumer and contributor to this forum told you they bought these cabinets and were thrilled with the quality, etc., that might carry some weight.

Good for you for asking! I was wondering about the same thing many months ago when we first started realizing we couldn't just re-purpose what we had. Now you have some new directions to check out: local kitchen folks, Ikea, Scherr's, Craig's List, and I'll add one more. Costco is offering "All Wood Cabinetry"-I think that's a brand name-that might be a good price. We ended up not pursuing the Costco angle just because I felt we needed to actually see the product before spending that kind of money. Had I known that we have (real) people here who've been so pleased with Scherr's, I definitely would have checked them out.

One more thing on RTAs: at one point we were at Home Depot looking at the displays and saw some faceless cabinets, which is what we wanted, that were horrible. Where pieces came together, they didn't quite meet, everything was a little off, in all, the kind of thing you'd buy for a very cheap rental where you expected the cabinets would be trashed in short order. HD actually discontinued that line and was using that cabinet for pamphlet storage. That's the kind of cabinet you don't want. There's a lot to be said for seeing the assembled product before investing a bunch of money.

Be sure to let everyone know eventually what you decide to do and how that works out.

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Rachiele, LLC

I was in the cabinetry business for over 20 years and would highly suggest NOT finishing your cabinetry yourself. Even the most inexpensive cabinets have a more durable finish than can be applied in the home. Being in the business, I found the mid priced cabinetry to be the best value. I have quite an expensive home, and cut no corners building it. I did decide to go with a mid priced cabinet though. I saw no real value in what was offered as a full custom cabinet. You can see my kitchen at the bottom of the linked page below.

Here is a link that might be useful: My kitchen

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I'm also debating this. We have tentitively chosen a cabinet maker, but I am meeting with him tomorrow to go review some samples of this work, and have a look at the materials he will be using. The quote he gave us looked really good, but I am worried that the materials are the reason for that. The question is though is the uncertainty that comes with buying RTA cabinets online. Do you go with a something you can touch & feel first, even if you are unsure of the quality for the price, or do you take your chances with an online order and risk getting lower quality if even for a better price?

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WOW, I am impressed with the input here and thank all of you for sharing. I had never heard of Scherrs and have looked at their website. They sure do offer a variety and its pretty overwhelming at first site.
*A question: Aren't the Shenadoah brand cabinets only available through Lowes? If so, we received a quote from our local Lowes, but the guy didn't seem to want to help much. He came up with a less than impressive design and has never answered my phone calls.
I've noticed that some of the cabinet makers are very independent, I waited on one all day yesterday and he never showed up and has not called. My husband and I are pretty good with do-it-yourself stuff, but this kitchen remodel seems a bit overwhelming right now.. Oh well we got our new appliances on Monday and I have purchased the floor tile; its time to proceed I guess. ;)

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Shenandoah are only sold at Lowes, its twin American woodmark only at HD. Slightly different door styles.

I didn't expect either to design my kitchen, so I went in with a pretty set plan. If you don't like the KD you got, call the manager and insist on the best/most experienced.

It's best to have a set plan when comparing quotes. Apples to apples. Watch out for high costs for trim/molding/hardware. Our KD at lowes gave us lots of ideas to save money on the molding, etc. Glazing also adds alot of money.

Check out special promotions, we got $500 off and 6 months to pay from Lowes and a free sink base from Shenandoah.

Good luck!

No, I don't work at Lowes, though my friends think I sleep there, lol.

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My apologies for the highjack but I feel compelled to point out -- plywood from 40 years ago was of a way higher grade and thickness than now -- just like today's two x fours are not actually 2 inches by 4 inches anymore and yet we still call them 2 x 4s.

Sigh... everything just seems to be getting shabbier and chintzier than "back in the day". Even Reeses' Peanut Butter cups -- they used to be huge, but now they're the size of half-dollar. : (

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Here's a place where you can easily figure out their prices, I believe they are good quality cabinets and all made in USA:


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Mamian - LOL! Remember when a Milky Way was 5 cents and twice as big as now? By the time candy bars hit 15 cents I was old enough to babysit for $.50 an hour. You're probably right, 40 years ago a builder grade plywood was probably better than the same use now. On the other hand, I've bought lovely plywoods to use for my furniture making class which are both high quality and expensive. As always, this is probably a case of "buyer beware," which would be so much easier if only one had a reliable way to judge the quality of the plywood used to make our cabs.

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LOL Suzanne, we are dating ourselves but (ahem) I must say you must be wwwaaayyy older than me because I made .75 an hour! : o But OMG doesn't it just make you wanna go stark raving MAD sometimes that you just can't get a decent _________ (whatever) anymore much less something that isn't made in China?!?

Sigh...but back to topic:

Yes, it occurred to me later today as I was driving that in I could be somewhat "spoiled" by the availability of finding good second-hand stuff for relatively cheap prices. I'm in the Northeast and have access to a number of affluent locations and there are also a lot of old beautiful old homes out of which sometimes come things that "they just don't build 'em like that anymore."

Therefore, I humbly submit that I could be wrong about "finds" in other places... ; )

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One more thing about Scherr's: if you want to check them out before buying, you can. You can order a "mini cabinet" for about $130, I think. You can get this in any species or construction (plywood vs. particle board) you want. (Perhaps a minor point, but they will credit you that money if you order from them.) You can also get sample doors in any species or style, about $30/door.

Mamiam and Nannajoe: I assumed that Nannajoe meant "plywood" by the term "all wood," trying to differentiate from particle board. As clg adumbrated, essentially no one makes cabinets from solid planks of wood. That construction is not dimensionally very stable. The swelling and shrinking with humidity would be significant.

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I spent over a year getting cabinetry quotes... I kept hoping for a magic answer / shortcut to the process, but as with everything, you need to do the work and get the different quotes, know your design intimately, so you can feel comfortable with your final choice. We looked at Lowes Kraftmaid, Omega/Dynasty, Brookhaven, Woodmode, local kitchen store Kraftmaid, local custom cabinet maker. It takes so much time but we received some great ideas along the way! We're working with a large space and DH is very handy and since our kitchen remodel involved new foundation, moving interior walls, lots of new windows, new doors, new roof, very involved lighting plan, and since our available budget is shrinking rapidly.... cost was a major factor. We ended up ordering Conestoga RTA cabinets, from their Craftsman line, for signifantly less than other quotes. You can customize cabinet widths, drawer heights fairly easily. We ordered numerous door samples and these are GORGEOUS. The finish is amazing. One of our highest quotes was from our local woodworking shop -- they do beautiful work. Hanging on their walls was a selection of Conestoga doors -- they explained that they are able to make a selection of doors but for anything really fancy, they used Conestoga doors. Apparently many companies do.
You are somewhat limited to colors, if you want both the Conestoga door and the RTA cabinet.

Ours arrive in early September... will eventually post pictures. Good luck!

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I guess it all depends on what you looking for. I've received numerous quotes from many different kitchen places including big box stores and they're all over the board. From $4500 to $12000 for very similar cabinets. I priced out Conestoga cabinets and doors too. There price was mid range, but there warranty is only one year.

This question is for oldbat2be. What style door, wood species and finish did you go with it? Also, what dealer did you get them from?

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Island will be Cherry, with Cordovan finish, distressed level 2. Perimeter, pantry/laundry room, and mud room will be Frosty White Colourtone on hard Maple. I ordered through cabinetjoint.com, Brian Long, brian@thecabinetjoint.com, who was very helpful.

CRP 10875 was door style we selected. You can find PDFs from different Conestoga sellers online. Date on this pdf is old but you can see relative pricing on doors / drawers (helpful). Order samples so you can see for yourself.

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Also, I have to ask, if you are finding the quotes to be above your budget, what is your cabinet budget? Very often people who haven't renovated in a while experience sticker shock, and therefore don't have a good idea of what their budget should be. As a general guideline, a kitchen reno should be in the 10-20% of your home's value to "keep up with the Joneses" of your neighborhood. If you are planning something significantly under or over that budget, then it's out of line with your neighborhood's home values and could affect your home's value if resale ever became an issue.

Within that 10-20% price, around half of your budget should go towards cabinetry and the labor to install them. Cabinets are the most difficult to replace item down the road. Spend good money on them now and go with less expensive countertops and appliances if you have to. Those are items that are easier to change down the road when you have more funding.

The suggested numbers will be skewed at both the low end and the high end. It's really hard to do anything less than a 15K kitchen in a 50K house, as even rental grade components still cost a certain amount. It's the same with the upper end homes in areas where the market hasn't crashed too badly. When you live in a 1950's 1400 square foot box close inside the beltway in DC, you're not likely to spend 100K on a kitchen, even if your home is valued at that 1M. Most of the value is in the land, not the home.

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I think most of the people on this site who ended up using Scherr's, hadn't heard of them before coming here. That is certainly true in my case.

I agree that the choices they offer are somewhat overwhelming at first. Especially if you look at them like you have to with most other cabinet suppliers, ie. look at what they offer, and select the wood you want and the style they offer using that wood that you like the best, and then choose from the colors they offer for that wood and style, and perhaps lastly decide whether to go with their base-level or their upgraded quality level.

With Scherr's I eventually figured out that the better process is to simply figure out exactly what you want, and then ask them for a price, and then work from there tweaking your plan based on the many options they offer to adjust the price to fit your budget.

I have done a fair amount of woodworking over the years, and I was very impressed with how well Scherr's cabinets are engineered to be both well-built and very easy to assemble.

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My husband and I used the all wood Craftsman RTA's from Conestoga. LOVE! It was all a lot of DIY work but we are happy. Bought ours from cabinetmakerschoice.com and used Chad. I have included pictures of what your home will look like for a long while if you go the RTA way.

http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/partoffinishedkitchen049.jpg"; target="_blank">

http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/morekitchen003.jpg"; target="_blank">
http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/p1010154.jpg"; target="_blank">
http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/p1010144.jpg"; target="_blank">
http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/p1010152.jpg"; target="_blank">

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I'm posting the link for Consumer Reports' buying advice for kitchen cabinets. I think this can be viewed without a subscription, but if you can't link to it let me know and I'll repost the info a different way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports' kichen cabinet buying advice

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Also, CR last rated cabinets in 2004 and I found a link to the ratings. I know things have changed a lot since then, but it's very interesting that Ikea beat most of the big box cabinets. I wish they'd rate cabinets again!

Here is a link that might be useful: Very old Consumer Reports ratings on cabinets

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Also check your local Amish cabinetmaker, if there are Amish anywhere near you (like within 300 miles). They are very affordable, since they have almost no overhead. And of course it's much better quality than the big box stores, and also it's totally custom.

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But, (GASP!) you just can't have quality cabinets without reel wood! **Stomps feet and places hands over ears and hums "MMMM I can't hear you!"** LOL!

Ikea consistently ranks high in quality and value and they use particle board boxes. And that 100K Snaderio kitchen that is on the cover of every designer magazine uses.....particle board boxes. People are on this forum every day ripping out 40 year old ugly--but functional--particle board box kitchens. Almost every designer I know (including me) chose....particle board boxes.

**Hangs head in shame**. My cabinets won't last me 300 years and become fine antiques. I'm cringing and apologizing to every subsequent generation that will be disappointed in me for using those fake wood cabinets that will still be hanging on their walls in 100 years time instead of 300 years.

(Insanity inspired by a previous post from my friend live_wire_oak on plywood vs. particle board.)

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We installed Medallion maple cabinets (from Menard's) in our kitchen 8 years ago when we replaced all the old cabinets and absolutely love them! We love them so much that now as we look forward to adding on to our house to double the size of our kitchen, we will be ordering more of the same cabinets...why fix what's not broken, right? Plus, they are very reasonable in price. I suppose someone else could install them, but we did that ourselves.

A good guide when looking for quality is to check out the drawers. If they're dove-tailed, then everything is going to hold up well for you. No cabinet maker is going to spend the time and money dove-tailing the drawers and then go and skimp on other parts of the cabinets. Also pay attention to the drawer glides...that's a purely personal choice of course and will be reflected in the cost...self-closing, full-extension, etc.

Good luck!

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So I read this about the 10-20% suggestion -- "The suggested numbers will be skewed at both the low end and the high end. It's really hard to do anything less than a 15K kitchen in a 50K house, as even rental grade components still cost a certain amount. It's the same with the upper end homes in areas where the market hasn't crashed too badly. When you live in a 1950's 1400 square foot box close inside the beltway in DC, you're not likely to spend 100K on a kitchen, even if your home is valued at that 1M. Most of the value is in the land, not the home."

I was thinking "holy moly" until I read the qualifier -- five bedroom house in Arlington way inside the beltway (closer to 4k feet than 1.5) and we never ever pondered 100-200k when we were updating our kitchen. With respect to cabinets, we went the other way when updating (not remodeling -- and not gutting and rebuilding) our kitchen. When we bought the house a little over 13 years ago, it had a newly updated kitchen. White Shrock cabinets -- no solid wood was harmed in their construction. We never loved them, but we never hated them either. They're still fine. Heavy use from a family of five (well, 5 for the past 9 years) and they're still fine. Some little issues here and there, but they are not falling apart or listing or coming off the walls. When updating the kitchen early this year we started with the cooking facilities -- a 36" range and proper hood, with adequate ventilation. Added a new floor, because it really was time, a new matching pantry (which does have some solid wood inside), and small things, such as pot racks. We elected not to replace the cabinets because the old ones basically still work for us and the basic white looks fine to us -- not beautiful or lovely or awesome, but fine. Lovely cabinets are lovely, but it's a big kitchen, and the extra 30k or more we might have spent on substantially nicer cabinets was money we chose to keep. Similarly, we kept our granite counters -- not our favorite pattern, but a decent neutral tone, decent counter space, and they've held up just dandy to everything -- hot pans, you name it.

I've nothing at all against the up-market cabinet suggestions. Paying for quality materials and workmanship absolutely makes sense if it's in-budget and appreciated. I'm just adding the perspective of somebody who has found a more budget oriented option to hold up fine. For me, the kitchen is about cooking. Storage is necessary, but I start with the cooking equipment -- range or top plus oven(s), ventilation, and prep space. For me -- just my perspective -- the boxes come somewhere down towards last. For free, I'd swap them in a heartbeat, but it's not free.

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"cheap and quality just don't go together for cabinets"

amen - and..anything else for that matter!

""There is also nothing wrong with the furniture grade particle board. "

Until it gets wet. "

brickeye , et al - I've got news for you: plywood used in most cabinets that gets wet is toast too! There are different grades of furniture board just like plywood. The fact that it is made form sheets of veneer vs. fine chips of wood do not make one panel better or worse than the other. It really comes down to the density of the material and the more importantly the glue and pressure used to hold it together.

I'll stack up my German made cabinets made out of that rotten particle board against any brand of cabinet made of plywood of your choosing. Mine are are covered in melamine on EVERY single exposed edge - even the ones you cannot see when installed ...including ALL of the shelving edges. In addition the sinks have a fitted aluminum pan to catch any slow drips or leaks. These will stand up to all but flood - and in that case nothing short of outdoor cabinets made from polymer sheetgoods or 100% stainless steel is going to last.

SO - like I've said before: It all depends on the specific specification of the box you are looking at. Plywood is not inherently better than furniture board, any more than Asians are better than Americans at math and science.

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Quoting from djg1's quote

"When you live in a 1950's 1400 square foot box close inside the beltway in DC, you're not likely to spend 100K on a kitchen, even if your home is valued at that 1M. Most of the value is in the land, not the home."

Last winter, my son was looking for a house just outside the beltway in the 500K range. Most were closer to 1200 than 1500 sq. ft. This is absolutely low end in that area. He was stationed in Asia at the time, so was looking online and talking with an agent in the area. He did eventually make the trip in to see selected properties in person. The end result was that a new kitchen didn't even make the short list of things those properties needed. My personal favorite was the one with floors sloping this way and that with height differences up to 3". In the end, he decided against buying at all. Everything is relative. *Sigh*

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My coworker who is really into remodeling homes and is quite handy himself purchased his cabinets from Costco online. He has a pretty decent kitchen with a 7ft island. The cabinets I saw on his computer looked beautiful and well made. He said they are all wood cabinets and came with soft close for the upper and lower cabinets. All the cabinets with shipping was under $7K. You can go to the Costco website and order 2 free small samples of the color. If you want a bigger sample, you have to pay $20. He also ordered his Caesarstone counter top from Costco and it was so much cheaper from other quotes he received. My cousin bough Caesarstone from Ikea and paid $5k for the 10 ft island alone. We are in the process of doing a kitchen remodel and when I priced the Costco cabinets online, it was over a little over $6k with shipping. The quote I received from Omega cabinets was $17K and it does not include the soft close for the upper cabinets. I am going to look into the other brand of cabinets some folks here have used. This is our 2nd reno and hopefully the last, I definitely don't want to cut cost with getting inferior cabinets. I did that w/ the 1st reno and regretted since.

Good luck!

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Does anyone has comment on Diamond and Schrock? I want all plywood. How do the two compare in terms of price and quality?

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Rachiele, LLC

Diamond and Schrock are virtually identical. They are made by the same company. The manufacturer puts different names on the cabinets so they can be marketed to several accounts in the same city without the appearance of over saturation. Pricing and construction should be about the same. I happen to have the high end of Diamond throughout my home. I used to be a kitchen designer and dealt primarily with high end remodeling. My premier cabinet line was built by the Amish and Mennonites, but frankly, the Diamond cabinet was built so well, I could not see the value in going to a higher priced cabinet for my home. My home happens to be at the high end of the spectrum in my area, and the cabinetry is well in keeping with the quality of the home. Now that the cabinets are over 10 years old, they look and work like new. In fact, the kitchen cabinetry survived a flood with very little damage. We did replace the cork flooring, however, the cabinets and even the molding survived the flood. Impressive!

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We were in the same boat you are now, for months and months... We researched both price and quality. My DH is quite handy so we weren't afraid of DIY. We end up going with Barker Cabinets (currently being made right now, so I'll be able to post pics in a few more weeks).

We also agonized over finishing it ourselves to save more money. We wanted white, and start pricing out DIY (saving $1200) or buy it finished. Our materials was going to cost us about $400, we would need to assemble the cabinets, then borrow a family member truck to take it to a local paint dryer booth (venting code, rental was $17/day) in order to get the "baking" time, carefully put it back on the truck, bring home and then put it up. This would involve a lot of labor and time. We would in the end only save a few hundred bucks and still not sure if the finish would turn out to be correct or durable, hoping that we wouldn't scratch it during all the transport.

I can't say for now on how the quality or ease of assembling the cabinets is but it's really hard to match the durable finish the manufacture can provide. We talked to a lot of paint shop experts and the old saying is true: sometimes you just have to leave it to the professional. Try to cut back elsewhere, but spend a bit more on something you would use a thousand times a month.

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I forgot to mention the price of our cabinets came out to a lil over 5k for 16x10 kitchen. I know their catalog by heart now since we kept playing with the shopping cart to get different options to see where we can cut cost (dif sizes of drawers, doors...)

Gluck, keep us posted and I'll be posting photos after the new years, I'm so excited. Now we are agonizing over the countertop lol

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So, hi! Popping out of lurk mode because I’d really...
New to Kitchens? Read Me First!
Welcome! If you are new to the Kitchens Forum, you...
Cabinet installation cost (not including cabinets themselves)
We are remodeling our kitchen (complete gut and changing...
Week 44: Spring, spring, SPring, SPRING dreams!
I am having spring fever. I can't wait until it's...
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