Libbey leaf pattern glass ware (50s or 60s)

debrak_2008December 19, 2012

Just wondering if anyone has or collects this glassware. I would like to know more about it and see how others are using and displaying it.

My camera is dead so I will post a photo from the internet.

This is what I know about them. Some of this may be incorrect so let me know if you have better info than I do.

Libbey made this glassware from 1950 to 1978. The most popular years were the 50s and 60s. You would get the glassware free in boxes of Silver Leaf or Duz detergent. You could also acquire it by saving green stamps.

I have some from my mom and aunt. My mom doesn't really remember much about it but thought she got hers with stamps.

Some have a gold leaf pattern (also called golden foilage) and some have a silver leaf pattern.

I have been using some of the glasses for wine for years and putting them in the DW. Mistake.

I want to keep the pieces I will actually use (no more DW)and sell the rest. I am missing one glass from a carrier that I need to find. There are some pieces for sale on ebay and etsy so I am hopeful and can complete the set.

DH really doesn't like them. I love autumn leaves and like the idea that these belonged to my mom and aunt. I don't want to keep them in the basement anyone.

So does anyone know any more about these or collect them?

Here is a link that might be useful: golden leaf glasses

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natebear zone 10B

Sorry, I have nothing to add. I just wanted to say I think they're nice and can't believe they were a free gift from a detergent box! :)

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My parents had those glasses in the 60s, and I've seen them show up on Mad Men.

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My parents also had them and used them daily eventually the golden leaf slowly faded away.

There is a possibility that she also got hers through stamps. Our supermarket (Kroger) issued the yellow ones - I think they were Top Value Stamps and there was a redemption center in the same shopping center. I still remember licking the adhesive and putting them into the books.

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My mom had a set in the sixties, too, but the carrier was round. She used them for iced tea. And now that I think about it, she had a second set of highball glasses in an oblong carrier. Pretty sure she got them with green stamps. We sold them in the estate sale.

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Whoa...we had 2 sets of them in silver !! I have 2 glasses now that are similar that were my MIL's.I saved them but the pattern was ruined by the ...dishwasher !! One of our sets of silver ones was knocked off of the top of our refrigerator in 1972..they were a wedding present in 1971. The other was used till we gave them away as the leaves had all worn off and the carrier was gone.

Oh how we cherish things after the fact :) Good luck and thank you for the trip down memory lane !! c

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I have a set from my Mom- however,they are stemmed sherbet glasses- in the silver leaf pattern. They were rarely used so they are still in excellent condition. At least that is what she used them for. And I bet they came from Green Stamps- Mom got a lot of decorative items with them.

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I have a set of 4 of the larger tumblers that my GM collected in the late 50's from Duz detergent. I vaguely remember that they came in small juice size and a stemmed glass also. I have been watching flea markets for the stemmed ones to add to my collection.

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Seeing them brings back memories of "cocktail" hour and a time when every home had or wanted its own bar--everything old is new again!!

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Go to for a listing of all the pieces and photos.

Attached is a blog with nice photos of the pieces used in a place setting.

I'm going to check with the in-laws on Christmas to see if they have any of this glassware.

Here is a link that might be useful: glassware in a table setting

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I gave a set to my Mom for mother's day. It also came with a matching bowl for ice. I think I bought them at a local 5&10 store at Longshore and Bustleton Ave. in NE Philadelphia were I grew up. Definitely 50's or very early 60's. Great memory. I believe my sister still has them.

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My grandmother saved a set from the detergent boxes, and gave them to me in 1966 as a wedding gift. They were silver.

I no longer have any of the glasses. For that matter, I don't have that husband any longer either!


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