Undermounting the IKEA Domsjo Sink

brickmanhouseAugust 20, 2010

Hi all,

I was kind of surprised at the amount of interest that the undermount IKEA Domsjo sink generated in my thread on my new kitchen. It got me to thinking there must be a lot more out there that have considered this particular hack, so I figured I'd try and get some more photos, and give the topic its own thread!

I should say at the outset that, while I love IKEA (obviously!) I think they only got it 80% right on this sink, and the 20% wrong is that dumb-looking (and absurdly wide) back ledge, and the unnecessarily thick side ledges. Honestly, if I couldn't have figured out a way to undermount this sink, I wouldn't have bought it-- it's really clunky as they show it installed. Plus that thick side ledge crumb catcher would have driven me insane.

So. . . those disclosures aside, we just undermounted the Domsjo essentially just like we would have any other undermount installation. There are two ways to undermount a sink, with or without a drip rail, and they are COMPLETELY different. If you're going to do an undermount, be sure you're crystal clear on the difference, and which one you want to do.

The Domsjo single bowl is a 24" sink, and we did a non-drip rail installation, so to undermount it, we used a 30" cabinet.

The sink is designed to sit on two metal rails (they come with the sink) that span the width of the cabinet, and screw into the sides. Those rails are too short for a 30" cabinet, so we just reused a spare cabinet part (a plain 2 x 4 would work equally well) and placed it and screwed it exactly like we would have with the metal.

If you look at the top left corner of this photo, you can see the sink resting on the support: From 2010-0818

The only tricky part is measuring precisely, to make sure that you place the supports at the right height, so that the top of the sink is exactly level with the top of the cabinet.

Once the sink is sitting level with the top of the cabinet, the counter top goes on, and sits on top of the sink and the cabinet. We just ran a bead of clear caulk along the sink/counter seam: From 2010-0818

Don't forget to drill the hole for the faucet! That part's easy, though. Because there's a faucet hole on the back deck of the sink, all you have to do is trace it on to the underside of your countertop, and cut it out. The sink is drilled for a single hole mount. If you have your heart set on another style, you'll have to use a diamond hole saw and drill additional holes in the sink deck and countertop.

Trimming the sink out was a touch fussy, but the beauty of IKEA is that you can buy doors and drawerfronts seperately, so we could just mix and match, keep what worked, and return what didn't. Throughout our project, we basically treated our IKEA as a glorified hardware store-- it was a monster collection of finished wood, hardware and parts at our disposal, and we just picked out and played with whatever looked like it might work.

To do the apron around the sink, we used a 30" wide drawerfront (IKEA's deep drawer front-- about 12" high). In this photo, you can actually see that the cut drawerfront around the sink, and the drawerfront in the bottom stack under the microwave are identical: From 2010-0818

We traced the outline of the front of the sink onto the drawerfront, and cut it with a jigsaw. Finish nailed it into place, then installed the airswitch for the disposal: From 2010-0818

Because we dropped the height of the sink, none of the standard IKEA doors fit exactly, but the 18" set was really close, so we used those, and just added a small filler strip (maybe 3/4 inch?) above them: From 2010-0818

Undermounting the sink only drops it by the height of the countertop (usually 1 1/2 inches), so not much changes with the interior space. There is definitely room for a pullout in there, or room for a disposal (we have one): From 2010-0818

If anyone has any more questions about the sink install, I'm happy to answer what I can!

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Thanks again, brickmanhouse. One question: does the sink actually take the weight of the counter? I'd be a little concerned about that.

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Hi Writersblock!

What were you thinking would be a concern? Here's what we know from our install-- let me know if there's something we missed!

The edges of the sink when undermounted are the same height as all the cabinets in the sink run, so while the sink probably bears some weight, it bears no more or less than any of the other cabinets in the run.

The countertops in ANY sink run aren't supported continuously-- they're supported periodically along the run by cabinet sides. Whether the weight is supported at any particular point by a wooden cabinet edge or a porcelain sink edge shouldn't really matter at any rate-- we're only talking about a few hundred pounds of wood, tile or stone.

The only time you'd have a problem is if someone screwed up and raised or lowered a cabinet (or a sink, I guess) so far that you'd cause a stress crack.

So as long as all the cabinets and undermount sink are the same level, unless someone did something REALLY strange, havig a thick, sturdy (and the Domsjo is nothing, if not that) porcelain sink bear its fair share of countertop weight shouldn't be worth a second thought.

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Thanks again!

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I posted on your other thread, but thought I share here too. I'm planning on undermounting this sink. I found one in the scratch and dent section for $25. If you are undermounting it, a corner broken off the back lip is of no consequence. So, make the scratch and dent section your first stop!

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Wondering if you could tell me how that undersink vent from the photo is working? I have a similar issue that I might fix with one of those, instead of running the horizontal pipe under the window. Thank you for your advice and reviews.

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So clever! Thanks for posting this! And I love your knobs...are those chickens? Where did you get them?

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