What height to place TV on wall?

2ajsmamaDecember 17, 2009

Yeah! Our family gift, a 42" plasma TV, was just delivered by UPS (I thought it was going to be a freight company and they would call for appt, I was going to have it delivered when DH was here and make guy wait til we could plug it in!).

Anyway, we are still waiting for the mount and cables I ordered, though we should be able to at least plug it in tomorrow and make sure it's working with our antenna. When we get our mount, what height should the middle of the TV be placed at? Same as artwork (60" or so - my eye level when standing LOL!)? Lower since people will be sitting on sofa (or kids on floor) to view it? We do have a tilt mount.

FWIW, the TV will go in b/t two windows, the stools (sills) are at 27" above the floor. The center of the double hung windows where sashes meet is 55.5" from floor. The TV is 40.6" wide and 26.1" high.

I hope our mount comes tomorrow and we can get it up on the wall this w/e! I'm afraid of DD knocking it over, esp. if we leave it out of the box (set it on stand) once we test it out.

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Just read somewhere, maybe Consumer Reports?, that the height of the TV should be 10 degrees above where you are viewing it from.

So I guess that is why it makes sense to mount it high if you are going to be far away from it, and not so high if you are pretty close to it.

So get out your protractor!

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The room is 13 ft wide, the TV is 4" thick, and I'd say our eyes are 18-24" from the wall when sitting on the sofa (depends on who's sitting there, whether they lean back or sit forward, and how thickheaded they are LOL!). So let's just say 11 ft viewing distance (kids are closer, they sit on the floor so mount might be tilted down, means we can place it a little higher too, I think the mount I ordered has up to 15 degree tilt).

I read a post on Home Entertainment that said bottom 1/3 of screen at sitting eye height, that would put the bottom right at the bottom of the window, which seems too low to me. Esp. considering 6 yo DD. I'd love to mount the bottom of the screen 4ft off the floor to keep it out of her reach, but don't want anyone to get a crick in their neck.

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OH great there's math involved! LOL. I used to love math and I sitll love basic math, but degrees? I can only understand them when they pertain to wether or not I'll need a coat when I go out.
No really thats a very good way to figure it beekeeperswife because it really makes a difference where you are sitting how comfortable different heights will be.

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Ideally, the center of the screen should be at eye level when seated. This is the position that will result in a minimum of eye and neck movement during TV viewing.

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I agree with jejvtr. Eye level so you don't get any neck or eye strain. And it's really nice at eye level if you're laying on the couch watching it. :)

Also, with kids on the floor, it's not going to be a big distance for them to look up just a tiny bit.

Good luck hooking it up by yourself! We had the store come out and install it with the other gizmos we have, and it took him a couple of hours. Is your dh a techie?

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DH is a computer geek, I'm an electronics engineer, and my uncle 1/2 mile down the street is a civil engineer (who has wallmounted 3 TVs in his own house, though I'm not sure they're at optimal heights).

Hooking it up isn't the problem, mounting it securely and level may be (gotta see how the instructions are that come with the mount), but I've got a carpenter cousin ;-) - b/t him and my uncle we should be able to figure out the mount.

I'll have to move the power (recessed receptacle behind it may be nice) and route the cables through the wall at some point, but for now we'll just leave them showing (or put a raceway with a painted cover over it). I've gotta move a light switch in that room sometime anyway - might as well go it all at once before we get the baseboard up.

But "eye level" would put the bottom around the window stool, is that too low with a rambunctious 6-yo?

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Well, the mount is still in transit (1 state away), should have it Monday. DH and I took the TV out of the box and hooked it up today just to check it out, since both the top corners had the styrofoam all busted up in pieces. TV works great (bad pic with flash and contrast set low for first 100 hours). Our old stand isn't wide enough, but it sits only 1/2" below the window stool. Pedestal adds a couple inches, but TV still looks low to me esp. considering I ordered a tilt mount. If we're going to set it this low (bottom of screen 27-31" above floor) then we might as well just buy a new stand and use the pedestal instead of wall mounting. Though wall mounting might be more secure.

I'm really looking to get it up and against the wall, as far out of DD's reach as possible. This pic was taken sitting on the couch. How much higher do you think I can go? I was thinking top of TV level with where bottom of blinds are now (middle of upper sash)? That's another 11 inches, bottom of TV would be about 50" from floor, screen a little bit higher, so bottom 1/3 of screen would be about 58" from floor - back to where I was originally thinking, "eyelevel" when standing, not sitting?

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58" would be way too high & too uncomfortable for viewing - It appears where it is right now is likely optimal for viewing - I would rec leaving it in that spot for awhile and viewing to determine if it is comfortable/optimal.
We have 2 LCD's - in our house & lots of kiddies - youngest is 6yrs - she knows not to touch the screen/tv & is a wiz at the remote & ordering up movies from cable!

I had our built in downstairs spec'd to the optimal viewing level - which is around 30-32" -


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Our TV is sets on a large entertainment unit. The bottom of the screen is about 30" from the floor and the center of the screen is about 50" from the floor. It is the perfect height for viewing from the sofa, which is about 13 feet away. My husband likes to lay on the floor and watch, and if it was higher that would be too uncomfortable.

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Don't do eye level when standing, unless you plan to stand while watching TV. Bottom of my TV is 29" from floor, and it's in the perfect comfort zone for all furniture, or laying on the floor...and even standing.

There's a reason why they make TV stands that low so the TV will be sitting at the best viewing spot.

And don't worry about making it even with the windows.

If you're worried about your 6 yr. old, there are ways to "tie" the tv to the wall with a small wire/rope so it won't knock over. A lot of parents do this when they child proof their home.

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go as low as you can or you will be sorry. I have a relative who has one in her family room above the fireplace and it looks ridiculous and is a real crick in the neck to watch it. lol good luck. and for the DD: how about some ritalin? nah! totally just joking!

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Center of screen should be a seated eye level.
If more people are watching from floor level, I would mount the top of the scree at a seated eye level.

The tv above a fireplace makes no sense at all even with a tilt!

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ajsmama, I love your new LCD TV and that is my next project AFTER my kitchen is finally finished being renovated. I like a TV to be at eye level when I am sitting but then my eye level is too low for most people since I am so petite.

Please look at the flooring pictures I posted when you have time. I love the floors now and the color but sometimes I wonder if I should have went with the 3.25" width that I fell in love with. I chose the wider width at the last minute due to less seams for ease of cleaning.

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