White interiors - yea or nay?

mrsjoeAugust 8, 2012

I'm nervous about a white melamine interior that comes standard from my custom cabinet shop. They want around $375 to change to a different color melamine. DH is trying to talk me into just living with white to put that $375 towards some unexpected plumbing costs that came up. We have almond color right now and I can't imagine doing white.

Help me decide if I can live with white. If you have white melamine, does it stain easily? It's not like there will be much in the cabinets that could stain them, so maybe the better question is does it still look fairly clean after a while or is it a bit dingy? Will white interiors with Birch drawers look really strange?

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If you're going with melamine interiors, white should be fine. I wouldn't pay to change colors. My old kitchen had white melamine and they looked just fine after 18 years. They're easy to keep clean and hadn't yellowed with age.

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I have had the white in a couple of kitchens and really liked it. Wish I had it here.

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

I like white too. Easy to see stuff, and easy to clean.

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Thanks for the info. I guess I was picturing what white contact paper would look like after some time, but Melamine really isn't white contact paper. If I could afford it, I would go with plywood just for the look, but I don't think I'm going to be able to swing it, so since I'm going to be going with the more practical material, I thought I want it to at least look clean!

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I love my white melamine interiors. I vaguely remember agonizing for a minute because wood interiors would have been pretty and luxurious but I saved a ton and I have loved the white melamine. I wouldn't pay extra for cream either.

Are they frameless, then?

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I considered the colored melamine but the upcharge was ridiculous. I got the white with natural cherry cabinets. I had white on my 12 year old oak cabinets and there was no discoloration whatsoever.

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Does anyone have dark doors on white melamine? I guess part of my concern is that the white will be too stark a contrast, but it's not like almond is going to be much better. I'm not even sure which color melamine I would pick if I could choose any color i wanted with the dark doors.

The cost is high because their wood supplier is making them buy 40 sheets of whatever I decide on, so part of that extra expense is being passed to me. In other words almond is $8 per sheet more than white which should make it only about $160 more for my 20 sheets but they are charging me $375 to recoup the additional $8 per sheet on the other 20 they will be using on someone else's cabinets.

And yes, the cabinets are frameless.

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My old kitchen was dark cherry with white melamine. Sure there is a contrast but the melamine is on the inside, so you don't see it until you open a door or drawer. You'll be fine. Spend your $375 on something else. :)

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Why should you pay for the sheets someone else is going to use? So does that other person get a free upgrade or do they charge her too and make double the profit? They could keep an inventory of the almond on hand and give their customers some choice. That seems like good customer service to me.

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

My sister has mahogany with white melamine. You only see the white when the cabinets are open. I'll ask her to take a picture later today.

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