Don't use blue tape on your factory finished floors

marti8aAugust 4, 2012

There is fine print on the inside of the roll that the adhesive could dissolve clear coat finishes. It happened to one of dh's customers. Who reads the inside of the roll? That info should be on the outside of the package.

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Interesting. My finish, im sure, isnt as tough as factory, but i didn't have trouble with blue tape. I used it as temp pulls for quite a while without issue. Maybe i got lucky?

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Could be. But he said factory finish so I'm guessing that a polyurethane is different?

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The instructions on my Plyboo bamboo flooring really stressed not to put painters tape or any other kind of tape on the flooring. No explanation, so I'm interested to hear about the dissolving finish.

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I just did a search and found this. Scroll down to the question about taping to the floor.
Wood floor FAQs

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Blue tape ruined my polyurethane finish on my floors (red oak from the 1950, stained a mahogany color). The finish came off when the tape was removed. We had to have the floors completely refinished after our remodel was complete.

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Yes, movers ruined several pieces of my furniture by wrapping it - against my objections - with painter's tape. Every time I see that band around my antique armoire, I want to scream. Because conveniently, when it came time to make a claim, no one but me can see it.

Well, and the decorator who asked me what happened to it. *grrr*

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When we moved from Colorado, the movers laid some type of clear plastic material that stuck to the hardwood floors to "protect them". I was skeptical and asked if they would pay to refinish the floors if it was damaged. They said of course, but not to worry because they used this stuff all the time. Well, when they pulled that stuff off the floor, it took the finish right off. $$$$$$$ I'm always careful now with anything sticky on my floors. They are protected with 3 coats of Glitsa, but you still need to be cautious.

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Painters used a green (color) painters tape to hold down dropcloths on our polyurethane-finished hardwood floors (that are not factory-finished). When the tape was removed, so was the poly finish, in that spot. Grrrrr......

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